Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fallen Earth Walkthrough - Part 4

Part 4 of the Fallen Earth Walkthrough is up. This time we go deeper into skills and combat.

This may be the last of the videos. It is still in beta, but as I am considering purchasing the game I do not want to see too much before it even launches. Then again, I may try to check out PvP and that could be another video.

Direct Link.


Game is sweet. Caught me under the radar as well, tried the OB and got hooked quickly, and already pre-ordered. Open HUGE sandbox, deep crafting, class-less system, post apococalyptic setting (so tired of fantasy), tons of quests and stuff to do, cool vehicles. I'm hooked. I've got a decent system so haven't suffered from many performance issues others are seeing, which is good. I also don't mind the 'meh' graphics, though at high they look pretty nice, imo. I also love seeing a nicely done game done by an independant developer, always a sucker for the small guy. Nice Videos!

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