Monday, July 18, 2016

Thoughts on Knights of the Eternal Throne

During the Star Wars Celebration, BioWare announced the next expansion for SWTOR: Knights of the Eternal Throne. That is pretty much all we know about it.  It wouldn't be BioWare if we got something juicy.  I'm happy that they announced a new expansion, of course.  I really wasn't expecting another on based on Zakuul though.

The name kind of implies we will be fighting for the Eternal Throne this time.  That says to me we will be installing the new leader once Arcann is defeated.  In the image they showed, it appeared Senya was on it.  I really hope it is not Senya, my character has been trying to get rid of her ever since she entered the scene.  No way do I want her on the throne.  I actually want Koth to take over, but I seriously doubt that will be an option.

Anyway, I was hoping with the next expansion we'd go back to more Empire/Republic stuff.  I'm sure it'll be good though.  We'll see what the scope is.  If it is smaller than KoTFE, then it means it probably didn't do as well as they hoped.  If it's bigger and better, then they are on the right track.

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