Tuesday, February 23, 2016


As I was doing the Alliance recruitment mission for Blizz (which was awesome), an idea occurred to me.  Companions in SWTOR are now just ok.  While they have different looks and personalities, they are pretty much all the same.  They get different abilities based on their weapon, but does it really matter?  I would love to see each companion get a special ability.  It doesn't have to be powerful, just iconic or fun.

During the Blizz mission, you had a pack of Jawa's fighting with you.  That was crazy and awesome!  I'd love to have that ability, even if not especially powerful or on a long cooldown.  It's just fun and iconic.  It would also make companions a little more interesting.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Game Rankings

My gaming habits have changed a bit.  As I think about it, the games I play usually comes down to a ranking, so here are this weeks Werit game rankings!  I can only really think about 3 at a time.

1)  XCom 2 - it's the new kid on the block, having a lot of fun.  

2)  SWTOR - Finished up Chapter X, now doing Jedi Knight story stuff

3)  ESO - Back burner.  

Outside the top 3:

Fallout 4
Pillars of Eternity
Star Nomad 2
Galactic Civilizations 3

Future contenders:

Black Desert Online
Hearts of Iron 4
Fallout 4 DLC

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chapter X, a success!

Last week, we saw the first of SWTOR's monthly content with Chapter X:  Anarchy in Paradise.  It wasn't all they had hoped, with the new arena feature being delayed a month.  However, it was a really good piece of content.  Some spoilers to follow.

The TLDR of it, Firebrand (aka, Kaliyo the Imperial Agent companion) is a terrorist on Zakuul.  We go to recruit her.  She wants our help to finish a job.  We end up deciding how far to take things.  She joins up.  I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't really reject her.  My Trooper doesn't need a terrorist Empire ally around.

It was a fun experience though.  The new environments were good, the dialog was good.  Combat was a bit different with enemies attacking in waves.  There were even trash guys standing far away firing at us, but missing a lot.  That added some nice atmosphere.  There was a great fight where gunships attacked through the windows too.

I think it took me about a little over an hour to complete.  I wish it was longer, but it was pretty good quality.

That's not all there is to the update.  I have 2 Alliance missions to do still.  One to get HK-55 back, the other to recruit Blizz (Bounty Hunter companion).

Oh, and Chapter XI is less than a month away already!  Jorgan is back!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SWTOR 4.1 Impressions - No Story

Chapter X (4.1) launched for SWTOR yesterday.  Sadly, there was extended downtime though.  Not a big deal for me though.  I still got my game time in.  Overall, it is a pretty good patch so far.  I won't touch Chapter X until the weekend, so I mainly played around with everything else.

I zipped around on my new jetpack.

I stacked my crafting materials now that the limit is 9,999 (up from 99!).  My crafting tab is so much nicer now.

I worked on my crew skills now that the limit was raised.  I also started crafting a 208 barrell before I logged off.  My current one is 186, so a nice upgrade!

Having your companions listed by influence amount is awesome in the crew skill window.

I swapped some of my Grade 8 materials for 9... so many useless Grade 8's.  BUT, I think there is a new Conquest crafting material which can use them now.

I used some Jawa junk to get the materials for my new Advanced barrel.

I bought a Hypercrate.  I have not decided if I am going to open it, or sell it.  I kind of just want the new droid companion.

Good times so far!

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Challenge ... in SWTOR?

Since Chapter 10 is due out this week (yay!)  it was time to start playing SWTOR again.  I recruited a few new Alliance members, but sent that Sith Xalek to prison.  Wonder if he will escape and come after me some day?  Then it was time to try out the Star Fortresses.

The normal mode was easy, as expected.  It was kind of neat how they ended it, but really didn't make any sense.  There was some talk about a shield generator on the planet, but I was already inside?  Then the Xarch force choked us and we had to leave.  That opened up the Heroic version.

Most of the Heroic mode was easy, things just took longer to kill.  The Paladins couldn't really break the healing of M1-4X.  But then we got to where the normal version left off and there were two Zakulul Knight elites.  These guys seemed tougher than the ones previous.  I actually died and woke up in a jail cell.  That was a very neat touch.  I also died in the 2nd reactor room.  Then came the 3rd room and I just could beat it.  I must have died 10 times.

To be fair, my gear is substandard.  Some 208's, but a lot less.  My companion and specialists are also low level.  My main problem seems to be lack of DPS.  I just can't kill the Sunguard elites fast enough.  So I actually need to improve myself, which is not a common thing in SWTOR.

I'm glad to have something to work towards!