Monday, February 8, 2016

A Challenge ... in SWTOR?

Since Chapter 10 is due out this week (yay!)  it was time to start playing SWTOR again.  I recruited a few new Alliance members, but sent that Sith Xalek to prison.  Wonder if he will escape and come after me some day?  Then it was time to try out the Star Fortresses.

The normal mode was easy, as expected.  It was kind of neat how they ended it, but really didn't make any sense.  There was some talk about a shield generator on the planet, but I was already inside?  Then the Xarch force choked us and we had to leave.  That opened up the Heroic version.

Most of the Heroic mode was easy, things just took longer to kill.  The Paladins couldn't really break the healing of M1-4X.  But then we got to where the normal version left off and there were two Zakulul Knight elites.  These guys seemed tougher than the ones previous.  I actually died and woke up in a jail cell.  That was a very neat touch.  I also died in the 2nd reactor room.  Then came the 3rd room and I just could beat it.  I must have died 10 times.

To be fair, my gear is substandard.  Some 208's, but a lot less.  My companion and specialists are also low level.  My main problem seems to be lack of DPS.  I just can't kill the Sunguard elites fast enough.  So I actually need to improve myself, which is not a common thing in SWTOR.

I'm glad to have something to work towards!