Monday, December 22, 2014

Impending Holiday

Wow,  how is it almost Christmas already?  So my company has a new policy this year, which effectively forces me to take a week and a half off from work.  This is pretty much a first for me, so I have no idea what I am going to do with all of that time off.  I suppose I could play games, but that is a lot of gaming.  I don't quite have the stamina anymore.  Maybe I'll go see a movie, American Sniper looks good.  That's assuming we're allowed to show it.

Coming up with a Christmas list this year was especially tough.  I did ask for a few gaming related items though.  The big ticket item would be a set of wireless headphones/microphone.  The pair I have works fine... but who wants a wire?  I also asked for Amazon gift cards, which I plan to use to purchase Cartel Coins for SWTOR.  The only game that I asked for was Far Cry 4 for the XBox One.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Blood Hunt Bosses

Last week, when I entered the Blood Hunt Flashpoint (Solo), I recorded the boss fights.  They are usually the most interesting parts of an instance, so I thought why not.  The Mandalorians and Torch were pretty fun fights with good audio.  I actually died during the last fight, which is shown in the video.  The creature fights were just ok.  Overall, it was a pretty fun instance.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Opportunity

Some big news on the Werit front.  Well, sorta big.  I am now the Community Evangelist for  What is Forge?  It's an always-on streaming service with a built in highlight editor.  Don't worry, it only records game footage, not your whole screen.  It sits in the background and streams whenever you start up a game.  When you are done playing, an editor pops up where you can make highlights.

It is sort of like Twitch, but not really.  There is no extra software like XSplit or OBS needed.  The interface is much better, in my opinion.  It's also less focused on personality, and more focused on games.  I consider it casual streaming.  As someone who loves to watch streams, but doesn't want to 'be a streamer' it is right up my alley.  So I am really excited to be involved.

What does a Community Evangelist do?  Well, a lot of what I do now anyway.  I'll engage with the community, talk about Forge and games, write some blogs, do Twitter stuff, and help where I can.  It should be fun!  I don't expect much to change around here as a result.

Forge is still in Early Access, but if you want to try it out I can help with that.  Just let me know!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SWTOR Q&A Questions

Last week, I started to gather questions from Reddit to pass on to BioWare.  Overall, the response was pretty good.  A lot of questions were asked, but I could only take the top 10 based on points.  This, of course, caused some angst among some of the community who wanted different questions asked.  That is pretty much unavoidable though, so I won't let it bother me.

Below are the questions which I sent to BioWare.  As it is the holiday season, we probably won't get the answers until after the New Year.  Once the responses come in, I'll post them to Reddit and then on here.


1)  When will 12x return, and in what form?

2)  Right now the collections, achievements, and crafting windows are all sorted into collapsible categories. This would be great, but the fact that the menus always start fully expanded is very frustrating. Why was this decision made and is there any chance of this changing?

I would like to see, in order of preference, remember what I had open/collapsed last time, start with all collapsed, or have a collapse all button. Are there technical limitations preventing these from being implemented? It would be a HUGE QoL improvement for crafters and completionists like me and I think most people would like to see improvements to collections.

3)  What is your favorite feature added post launch?

4)  What can you tell us about the costume system?

5)  Are there any plans to backport [SOLO] mode to the older flashpoints in the game?

6)  Can old operations and flashpoints be "scaled up" into level 60 content in a way that still allows level 50/55 players to experience the original content while providing more options for end game content at level 60? (Similar to SM/HM except you would select the level first then the difficulty.)

7)  Can we get the ability to search for COMPANION GIFTS please? Like a heading for them, and then sub menus for type (military, cultural, trophy, etc) and also possibly rank?

8)  Gameplay wise, Treek is basically the best universal companion there is. Between having on demand tanking/healing capability from level 1, smart cc, heavy armor and the ability to be kitted out with legacy gear, her skillset and usability are simply superior to any other companion.

Now here's the question: Will we ever see a companion who is as good as that but not an EWOK?

9)  What's the road map for Operations? We had a full year of DF/DP and even with NM mode added during the summer months the content got stale pretty quick. Can we expect new Raids (not-NM versions of existing content) in 6 months? 1 year?

10)  When can we expect to see the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife event again?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Battle of Rishi

Over the weekend, I finished up Rishi with the Battle of Rishi flashpoint (solo mode).  The premise of the instance was pretty cool.  It was pretty critical for the story so I had high hopes.  I was especially pleased with Blood Hunt coming into this.  Sadly, I ended up being pretty disappointed.

There was nothing really special about the setting.  It was nice, but felt generic.  In fact, nearly all of it takes place leading up to the cool objective, instead of inside the cool objective.  The sky was filled with a space battle, so that was cool.

The bosses in this instance were also underwhelming.  Two of the fights centered on the theme of Republic/Empire traitors working together.  That can be interesting, but there was not any cutscene or even good audio for them.  So the fights really didn't have any personality.  The last fight involved a walker, which was cool.  There is some decent audio and interesting things going on in this one.

Overall, the instance was trivial.  I understand why it has to be easy, but they could raise the difficulty a little.  I'd like to see not paying attention punished at least.  I'm still a fan of how these Flashpoints are integral to the story though, even if this one wasn't up to the Forged Alliances/Blood Hunt standards.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Pilgrim's Shadow Packs

After a short hiatus,  I am back with a video.  This weeks showcases the Pilgrim's Shadow Cartel Pack.  I opened maybe 5 of them, with decent results.  Sadly, I did not get any Revan Reborn gear from the packs, I would have sold that on the GTN :)  I also talk a bit about the expansion.  The video takes places on the wonderful planet of Rishi, where I have spent the last week and a half.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cutscenes are Overrated

One of the criticisms levied against the Shadow of Revan expansion is that there is not enough voice over/cutscenes.  The main story is full of cinematic sequences, but the side quests are not.  Instead, you get a traditional window of text along with some spoken dialog.  In the base game, almost every side quest had a cutscene.  In Makeb, the side quests were usually just a datapad which consisted of just text.

I think they found an excellent middle ground with SoR.  The dialog the side quests include is usually pretty good.  It's often times a mini-story and not a single statement. It's also pretty high quality, which we have come to expect from BioWare.  I actually don't miss the cutscenes at all.  Sure, they are great for the main quests, but I don't need them for every mission.  They just get tedious after a while.  Instead, save them for the important moments.

I've seen a number of people saying how this is just another example of them moving towards a WoW system.  I'd have to disagree.  If WoW had quality voiced dialog with every quest, I might actually be interested in doing their quests.  Overall, I am pretty pleased with the side quests in Shadow of Revan.  Keep up the good work BioWare!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Reddit SWTOR Q&A

I will be doing another Q&A with BioWare about SWTOR soon.  This time, I want to change things up a bit.  I'll be taking the questions from the SWTOR subreddit, instead of making up my own.  I think this is a great way to get the community involved.

The way it works is simple.  I'll take the top 10 questions, per points, and submit them to BioWare.  I'll then post the answers on Reddit.  We likely won't get answers back until after the new year.  Want to participate?  Head over to the link below.  Be sure to upvote the questions you like :)  I'll gather the questions on 12/15.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Blood Hunt

My gaming goal yesterday was to do the new SWTOR Flashpoint, Blood Hunt.  One of the nice things about the expansion is that the flashpoints are now a part of the story instead of being one off adventures.  As such, they have a solo mode.  There is some scaling going on and you get a super droid to help you out.

So I got to the point in the Rishi story where I was sent into Blood Hunt.  Basically, I had to question a famous Mandalorian.  You just don't ring the doorbell, of course.  Mandalorians are a feisty bunch, kind of like Klingons.  So I had to fight my way to some answers.

Overall, I thought the flashpoint was fantastic.  The setting/environment was very well done.  It had a dark hunter's preserve feeling about it.  The first few bosses were all animals.  They were pretty easy, and nothing too memorable.

Then we got to the Mandalorians.  This is where things started to get interesting.  The fights were a lot more fun and the voice overs were great.  To be fair, the whole experience was pretty easy.  I did actually die during the final fight, but the 2nd time around it was no sweat.

So great job BioWare.  I am really looking forward to the next one, Battle for Rishi.  Heck, I'm even tempted to try out the group version now that I know the fights.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Razer Gear Giveaway

The folks over at Noobist.TV, who I partner with, are holding a big holiday season giveaway.  They are giving away a Razer mouse, keyboard, or headset.  Whichever one you want, up to $80.  It's a pretty sweet deal!  The winner will be drawn on December 10th.  They are using my Social Questing system, so entering is easy.  Do as many quests as you want to better your chances.

Go here to participate: