Friday, January 29, 2016

On to the next

I finished up at my current job today.  Kinda sucks leaving as I liked the work, and the people.  Just had an opportunity I had to take.  So thus ends this chapter.  It's a new kind of job for me so I am a little nervous.  Hopefully I can make it in the faster paced world.

On the game front, still waiting for Chapter X to get closer before I get back into SWTOR.  I should be doing alts, but I just haven't been in the mood.  Think it is the holiday's.  Although, I have been playing ESO almost daily.  Just so much I have never done in that game, plus world PvP.  The new DLC drops in a month of so too.  I still haven't done much with the first two.

Hope you all are doing well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Status Update

Good news on the Werit front.  I've acquired a new job and start soon.  It's a step up from where I am now, but more risky.  I'm very excited though.  I'm a very self-motivated person, and this new job will give me plenty of opportunity to do things.  Of course, it may mean less blogging and gaming.  Such is life.

I'm mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online right now.  I really enjoy the world and just exploring.  It helps when that exploring leads to profit using the Guild Stores.  I'm in three merchant guilds at the moment.  I recently crossed the 20,000 gold threshhold at level 16.  I also PvP once in a while too, just for fun.  I'm still advancing, but slowly.  The ESO game world is huge, especially when you spot to pick up everything.

We are less than a month out from Chapter X of SWTOR.  That'll be cool.  Some people are still upset about the lack of new group PvE content, but BioWare doesn't seem too moved.  That's fine with me though, group PvE activity ranks last on my favorites list.  Not that I am opposed to it being added to the game.  I figured we would have at least gotten a new solo/tactical/hard mode Flashpoint by 4.1.

Hope you all are doing well!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Still Kicking

I haven't posted in a while, but I am still around.  Gaming has taken a backseat lately to work.  I'm really making a push to advance on that front, so most of my energy has been going there.  I'm having fun though, so that is nice.

When I do play games, it's mostly SWTOR, ESO, and Fallout 4.  I'm especially enjoying ESO at the moment.  Their Guild concepts (like th store) make things pretty interesting on the economic front.  Plus the setting is just awesome.  I even did some PvP.

Hope everyone is doing well and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Grand Announcement

Last night, BioWare held their December Producer's live stream.  This was much hyped, which ultimately worked against them.  Only hype expansions.  They eventually revealed the big news was going to be subscriber rewards.  That's cool,  just another bonus.  So what is coming down the pipe?

Chapter X.  The next chapter of the Fallen Empire will release on February 11th.  This is a month later than I would have hoped, but what can you do?  Some interesting companions will be coming back with it.

Game Update.  Chapter X will also be a Game Update (4.1?).  We are getting an Arena, the Eternal Championship.  This is a solo experience, where you fight off waves of bosses.  The main reward is recruiting the Wookie companion.  It sounds like if you 'beat' it, you also get a title.  There will also be some crafting additions, nice.

Subscriber Rewards.  Basically,  If you are subscribed the 1st of each month, when there is a new chapter, you get a reward.  For February, you'll get a  mission to obtain HK-55 as a companion.  You also get 2 days early access, which really doesn't do anything for me.

Now, if you are subscribed until the end of Fallen Empire (well, maybe the end) you get a special reward.  They are introducing a 'Play as HK-55'  story/mission/quest.  So you'll take his role and go on a mission.  That sounds pretty cool, hopefully it is pretty involved.

Overall,  I liked what I heard.  To keep it in perspective, this was mainly about Subscriber Rewards, not an expansion announcement.  Getting a new reward each month is pretty good.  I like companions (even if they are shallow), and I like story (even if it is HK-55's).

Of course,  group content is still the major issue with some players.  None was announced.  I think it's time people take the hint.  It may come,  but it is clearly not what BioWare thinks is a priority.  So if it is that important to you, then tough decisions need to be made. As an aside,  I've done more group content since 4.0 launched than ever before.

January is going to be a slow month though,  since no Chapter X :(

Monday, November 30, 2015

Chapter 7 of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

Last week was pretty awful.  I was sick for almost all of it.  I'm starting to feel better, I hope.  Maybe it is just a cruel joke though, and I'll be sick again tomorrow.  Getting old sucks,  I suggest you don't do it.  Anyway, I did get some time in for Chapter 7.  It turned out to be a decently long chapter, so it took me two play sessions.  I usually keep a session to an hour.

This one was all about tracking down the Lady of Sorrows, who could help us with the Gravestone.  She, of course, lived in the underbelly of Zakuul.  So there was much linear fighting in decent environments.  Noce to see some new scenery.  Turns out the Heralds of Zildog (ugh, what a name) are involved.  They are 'keepers of the peace',  and of course want us dead.

The big choice here was whether or not to take Senya or Koth in with us.  I chose Koth.  I just don't trust Senya, aka the Mother of the bad guys.  I still plan on dumping her if I get the chance.  Give me a soldier any day.

Long story short, we find the Lady of Sorrows and it turns out to be SCORPIO.  She's an AI/Droid companion of the Imperial Agent.  My agent has not gotten to her yet, now I really want to.  The really interesting part is that it is revealed that the Eternal Fleet is run by machines just like her.  So that's where she comes from.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is full of shady characters.  Lana, Senya, SCORPIO, Emperor, Arcann, the sister are all pretty untrustworthy. I really just want to take Koth and HK-55 and eliminate them all.  Koth isn't even that likable, he's just the lesser of all the evils.

Overall, it was a good Chapter.  I hope it is the model for what BioWare plans to release monthly.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Vague Hype!

I've been remiss about pasting lately.  Part of it is illness related, part is Fallout 4.  Anyway, so the big psuedo-news of the day is that there is a SWTOR producer's stream coming on December 1st.  There will be some kind of BIG announcement.  They capitalized it, not me.  The tweet specifically mentioned subscribers, but who knows if that is meaningful or not.

That brings us to the problem of vague hype.  It's really only useful for angering your customers.  People's imaginations will run wild, then when the truth ends up being much more low key, rage!  a BIG announcement could really be anything.  Hell, it could be bad news.  Maybe the game is shutting down, that's pretty big.

It's too early to talk expansion, and that's the only thing I'd consider BIG (except for the game shutting down).  So yeah,  I really don't know what this could be about.  I'm going to go with some new subscriber incentive.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Chapter 5 of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

I managed to break myself away from Fallout 4 and get some SWTOR time in.  I'm still doing a chapter a week, which brings me to #5.  The Gravestone ship is almost fixed up, but Arcann's forces have found us.  We fight them off to give Koth time to finish repairs.  We are then join by a new character.

Sanya, a former Zakuul Knight, is helping us out.  She also hunted Koth after he disobeyed orders, which makes things interesting.  I'm not a big fan of hers, or Lana for that matter.  The big decision in this chapter was whether to accept the Emperor's help when Lana was in danger.  I turned him away, mainly because I wouldn't have been sad if Lana was lost.  She was ok though.

I'm not really a fan of force users like Sanya or Lana.  I much prefer the normal folks, like Koth.  So,  if it comes down to it they will be the first to go.  Sanya was giving some foreshadowing that I may have to choose at some point.  It'll be an easy choice, Koth stays.

We ended up escaping the planet and were confronted by the Eternal Fleet.  Turns out the Gravestone has quite a weapons system and dispatched a bunch of their ships before entering Hyperspace.  We ended the Chapter by approaching Asylum, a port where we'll be 'safe.'

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fallout 4 Impressions - Spoiler Free

It's good.

I'm not a crazy Fallout fan, but I do like it quite a bit.  I think I played 2 and I definitely played 3. So far, this feels very much like Fallout 3, just newer.   That's a good thing, a lot of people liked it.  So far I have put about 3 hours into the game.  I've left the vault and done a little exploring.  There are a few things I like, a lot.

1)  Seeing the world before the war.  That was very cool, and really made the tragedy hit home.

2)  Crafting.  I never liked crafting in Fallout 3.  It is much better now.  I like finding junk, since it is easy to get that into usable crafting materials.  You can do quite a bit with it too, instead of just a few special weapons.  Most of my time has been playing with this stuff.  I modified my 10mm pistol to have a longer barrel, better grip, and a larger ammo clip.  Very cool.

3)  Building.  I just started to learn about how to manage a settlement.  It seems pretty awesome.  One of my tasks today is to clear out a gas station for materials.  I still don't know if there is a real purpose behind it.

I have barely even touched the main part of the game yet.  I think that's a good sign.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halo 5 Completed

I managed to finish up Halo 5 just in time for Fallout 4 to get here.  Yay!  I'm not a huge Halo fan, although I have played most of the games.  I do like the story, style, and environments.  Halo 5 was no different, which is what I was hoping for.  There are so many epic moments that don't even involve cut scenes.  That's what makes Halo for me.

I don't usually play multiplayer, but I kind of want to try out their new Warzone mode.  It looks like it could be fun.  If I only had the time.  I wonder where Halo will go from here?  They definitely will have more content, will it be a DLC or do we have to wait for Halo 6? Kinda stinks we may have to wait 3 years for the next installment.  If only good things came quickly.

It was a good single player experience, well worth the money for me.  On to Fallout 4 today!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Chapter Four of Fallen Empire (Spoilers)

We left off with our craft crash landing into the Zakuul swamp.  HK-55 found some interesting debris, which when investigated revealed another crashed ship.  This chapter was mostly about getting information from Lana and getting to know Koth and HK-55.  It was actually longer than the previous sessions, taking me about 2 hours.  That was a nice surprise.

There were no major decisions,  just Koth impressions up for grabs really.  He's a soldier, I'm a soldier, so I think we'll get along.  It turns out the ship is legendary for defeating the Eternal Fleet a long time ago.  Interestingly, the fleet is controlled by mysterious bots and not Zakuul itself.  The Emperor just gained control.

What happened next was awesome.  There was an 80's work montage to fix up the ship, which some nice comedy from HK-55.  Check it out:

Once we got the ship up and running, I did some exploring.  I found a strange chamber and the Emperor appeared.  That's where the chapter ends.

This one was pretty good, mostly saved by the montage.  The Zakuul swap isn't very appealing.  It's nice when you look up and see the city, but that's about it.