Friday, April 8, 2016

So far behind

I was away for work all week, and I come back with just a mess of gaming related things to do.  I have really been slacking on that front it seems.  By the way, the new computer is awesome!  I got it all setup with a few games, and it is everything I hoped for.  Now I just need a game to really push it.  Ashes of Singularity might be the only one out there.

SWTOR.  I need to play the latest chapter, and the Eternal Championship.  That may happen this weekend.

Quantum Break.  It arrived while I was away, so I want to start playing that.

Forge.  Forge now allows you to stream to Twitch and Youtube.  Have to play around with that.

The Division.  Need to keep on making progress there.  I'd like to actually finish that gabe before a DLC comes out.

Fallout 4.  I downloaded their first DLC before I left, now I find out the 2nd DLC is due out in 4 days.  I really want to finish that game too!

Black Desert Online.  They just released one of the expansions, but I am still stuck in Veila!  I need to progress there too.  

Star Wars.  The new Star Wars movie is out on DVD, I still have not seen it.  I probably should.  

So much to do.