Thursday, January 31, 2013

WeritCast: Venetian Dominion Part 2

Welcome to another episode of WeritCast!  So far, so good with keeping my new years resolution of putting out one video a week :)  Today I am having a special two for the price of one deal!  Yes, they are free to begin with but lets not get bogged down in the facts.  In these videos, we take a look at Europa Universalis 3, with me playing Venice. You can find part 1 here.

In this video Venice gets its first National Idea and we take a look around the map to see what is going on in the world.  We also go to war with Algiers, which turns out not to be such a good idea.

In episode 4, the war with Algiers winds down.  Will I come out with anything?  Watch and see :)  The second war with Naples starts up, with a goal of making it my vassal.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PocketTOR or TORtoGo?

Yesterday, I made some good progress on my latest project.  The basic idea behind it is to make an item database, for SWTOR, which is focused on mobile devices (i.e. phones).  I finally figured out where Rating and DPS/Armor info is stored, which was one of the final pieces of info I needed to track down.

Now that I have most of the information I need to make a prototype, it's time for an important step.  What should I call it?  Twitter had some good ideas like: PocketTOR and TORtoGo.  I like both, what do you think?

The next step for me is to get the actual database setup.  I am going to try something new this time and use MongoDB.  It was suggested to me by Nazgum over at Shivtr and it is time I gave it a try.  Today's task is to finish up gathering the info from the files and maybe even get my first database entry in.  Then comes the client side, but more on that later.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Illyriad Impressions

For the last few weeks, I have been trying out a new game: Illyriad.  It's not something I'd normally play, but twitter folk were talking about it so I figured I'd five it a shot.  It's a browser based game (HTML 5 I believe) where you build up a kingdom in an expansive persistent world.

I'll cut straight to the point.  So far, I have not had much fun in the game.  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of things to do, but as of yet none of them are very interesting.  Actions such as improving a resource and researching new technologies take time (up to days) to complete.

Since I have started playing, all I've been doing is logging in, improving resources and setting up research.  This has gone on for weeks and I have yet to experience any other part of the game.  There is a military and sovereignty system (expand to other parcels of land), but I need to have a larger population and meet other requirements in order to experience those.  For example, my Storehouse needs to be upgraded 15 times before I can research Sovereignty.

As I have dabbled in making web games, Illyriad has taught me an important lesson.  I need to give the player interesting decisions to make as early in their experience as possible.  Upgrading resources and building for several weeks has not been very interesting.

There is a microtransaction system called Prestige.  It lets you take some shortcuts, but nothing overpowering that i have seen so far.  You can even get this currency free for logging in once a day.  I have not used any of the prestige I started out with yet either.

Illyriad may have a lot of depth once I get past the building up stage, but I'm not sure that i am going to make it that far.  I would like to mention its very kind community though.  They are quite helpful and tend to be very generous.  I asked a question, got a good answer and someone sent me a bunch of resources.

Monday, January 28, 2013

SWTOR Project Idea

As you may know from reading this blog, I tend to dabble in datamining the games I play.  Most recently, this has been for Star Wars: The Old Republic, it even spawned a column on the popular fansite: TORWars. I've recently found out how to extract item data from the game.  So now I need to figure out what I want to do with that data.

There are currently several item databases, so I don't think there is space in that arena for me.  Well, maybe that isn't true.  I don't think any of these were designed with mobile devices as the focus.

So what do you think, would a mobile-focused SWTOR item database be a worthwhile project?

Stratics Interviews Colorado's Speaker of the House

Recently, Mykiel over at had a chance to interview the Colorado Speaker of the House, Mark Ferrandino, about video games.  Some of the topics discussed are his history with video games, thoughts on regulations, and online bullying.

Speaker Ferrandino:  Adults should be able to watch what they please, but the thought of impressionable kids getting deeply involved in playing hunter-killer video games concerns me. The gaming industry has already adopted a system like the film industry’s ratings system, but the trick is assuring widespread compliance...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Winner Takes it All

Today we have a special edition of WeritCast, one without me talking!  I've been wanting to use this song for a while now, and now I have good gameplay footage to go with it.  The video is set to Over the Tops Winner Takes it All.  Oh how I love 80's music!  The fight takes place in Black Crag, we successfully defend the keep and get the Heroic Defender buff.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SWTOR Data Dump: 1.6.3

In today's 1.6.3 patch, a bunch of new Cartel Market items were included.  Most of which seem to be mounts and possibly a new Sand People's outfit.  These seem like likely candidates for the Space Pirate Cartel Pack to me.  Below is the raw data... enjoy!


Return to Ekrund Clues

One of the tasks in Warhammer Online's latest Live Event is to collect clues.  There is a quest to gather them: Stealing a Birthright for Destruction and Rediscovering the Past for Order.  Each requires 10 clues and you must do it 10 times to complete the task.  That's a lot of clues.

Everytime you complete a quest, you'll also reveal a text entry in the Pieces of the Puzzle section of the task list.  These provide cryptic information about the next stage of the event.  There is nothing to act on, so don't fret too much about figuring out what it all means.

So where do you find clues?  The first means is by clickable objects called Ancient Dwarf Plaques.  You'll find these in ruins in Ekrund and Mount Bloodhorn Battlefield Objectives.  The best way to find them is look for a cluster of players camped at odd locations.  You can also find them at the Kron Komar Gap Public Quest.

The other way to obtain clues is off of the corpses of your fallen enmies.  If they have the quest in progress, there is a chance that they will drop a clue as loot.  This is rolled upon if you are in a group.  I've received most of my clues via this method so far.  No way am I going to camp a spot instead of fighting.

Finally, it should be noted that this live Event will be around for several weeks (I asked).  So there is no need to rush when it comes to clues.  I'm going to let the campers camp, then when they are done go pick them up if I have not earned enough from fighting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arrr, Matey!

My 2nd Intel report for TORWars is now up!  This time, the report contains information about upcoming Cartel Market items.  This info is all datamined, so it could be incorrect, old, or slated for sometime in the distant future.  Hope you enjoy it!

WeritCast: Return to Ekrund

Yesterday, the Return to Ekrund Live Event started up in Warhammer Online.   I spent several hours playing in Ekrund and had a pretty good time.  I, of course, took some video of the action.  It centers on some world RvR in Ekrund, while I talk about the overall event.  So far, I've obtained the Basic Reward, which means there is still plenty left for me to do.  Enjoy!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Return to Ekrund is Live!

Warhammer Online's latest live event, Return to Ekrund is now live on the servers!  I hopped on to take a look at the task list and the rewards, which are listed below.  This all takes place in Tier 1, in or around Ekrund.  If you are too high of a level, you will be reverse bolstered, so no need to worry about being chickened.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Blast from the Past

Well, what do we have here?  The Warhammer Online servers were brought down for a patch.  When they came up, there was a very interesting change to the Dwarfs vs Greenskins tier.  All players, even 40's, can now go into the lakes and not be chickened!  This most certainly has to do with the upcoming Live Event: Return to Ekrund.

Players are, in fact, reverse bolstered based on their RR.  In the image above, I am level 9.  When I say level 9, I mean it.  I only have access to abilities and tactics which I would have had at that level.  My Mount? No go... it's like being back when the game launched.  Except for gear, that still works as it did.

Looking forward to when the live event starts!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

WoH Guide Making Giveaway

It's time for another contest here on Werit's Blog!.  This one is all about making guides for Wrath of Heroes.  We have some great prizes to giveaway too, including a legendary hero who is no longer available. The guide can be about any aspect of Wrath of Heroes.  Everyone who participates will receive a nice prize too.

NOTE:  I'm all out of Gold Boosts, so I closed the Mission.  Thanks to everyone who participated, a ton of guides were made :)

Get started now using the BLUE Sites with Benefits tab on the right side of the screen.  Sign-In and start doing missions :)


Malus Darkblade.  This legendary hero is no longer available in the game, so now is your chance to win him.  He will be given away by lottery, and submitting guides is the best way to earn points to get your tickets.

7-Day Gold Boosts.  Everyone who submits a guide, which is accepted, will get a Gold Boost.  Once approved, you can find the code at on the Reader tab, under Rewards Earned.  The guide should be of decent quality, as judged by me.

7-Day XP Boosts.  You can also spend your points on 7-Day XP Boosts.  These are great if can't write a guide, but still want to participate.  Completing the Sharing mission is a great way to earn points for this reward.


1)  Guides should be posted on

2)  Guides must include 'Sites with Benefits' somewhere in the post, so I know that it is yours.

3)  You may submit multiple guides.

4)  Only 1 previously made guide can be submitted.

The contest will end January 31st at 11am EST and the Malus winner will be selected.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

World PvP returning to SWTOR?

Yesterday, BioWare announced Game Update 1.7 to the masses.  It is titled 'Return of the Gree' and contains two major features.  The Gree are an ancient and enigmatic race who possess powerful technology.   They are also known for their oddly talking droids.  The two major features of this patch are Reputation and an Ilum revamp.

Reputation.  This is exactly what you think it is.  More bars to fill, more rewards to acquire.  The twist is that it is shared across your legacy, so you won't have to redo reputation gains with every character.  That is a great improvement on the typical reputation system.

World PvP.  The former world PvP area. Ilum, will be seeing some major changes in 1.7.  A renegade Gree vessel has landed on Ilum, and the Gree need your help in dealing with the situation.  This is in a contested area, so Sith and Republic forces are bound to run into each other.

The article is light on details, but it sounds like the Gree ship will have some PvE bosses in it, which both sides will compete over.  It could be pretty simple, a ship open to both sides and the last side to hit the boss gets the loot. Or, they could be going for a Lake Wintergrasp where the winner of the event gets access to the ship.

I'm pretty excited about this update, especially now that I have a 50 and can participate in the Gree event.  I never experienced the old Ilum, so this will be my first taste of world pvp in SWTOR.  As for the Reputation system, it all depends how grindy it is.  I don't enjoy doing the same quests over and over, I'm looking at you Dailies, so this may not be something I get a whole lot of use out of.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Live Event Coming?

Today, one of Warhammer Online's developers posted this to his twitter feed.  Looks like a new live event is on its way!  Also, what's this about mysterious legendary weapons?  Very interesting :)

WeritCast: Gharj!

It's time for another episode of WeritCast, and this time we are back in SWTOR.  I continued my adventures raiding with the LFG system, this time in the Story Mode version of the Eternity Vault.  I am specced as a Medic Commando in the DPS role.  I really should have unchecked the Damage role, and will next time.

We ended up getting all the way to Soa, but could not down him before the group fell apart.  I cam away with a few upgrades, so it was a worthwhile trip.  I took video of our fight with Gharj, which was pretty cool.  I also took some video of me opening up the Skip Tracer Cartel Pack and talk a bit about the market.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Werit on TORWars

Recently, I was invited to write up a column on the popular SWTOR fansite, TORWars.  As a fan of the site, I gladly jumped at the chance.  They have a great site with an active community.  I was asked to write about some of my data mining findings.  So the TORWars Intelligence Report column was born.

While I'll still post data dumps on my site here, the TORWars column will provide more of an overview.  I also decided to write it up with a Role Playing angle.  It was fun to write and I can't wait to actually see the Darvannis content in the game.

You can find my article here:  Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Video of the Day

It's Friday!  That means I am going to take the easy way out and post a video I found on youtube.  This one is of a Wrath of Heroes match involving two teams of the CuLt group squaring off in the Pyramid of Settra.  It has interesting music and has been sped up a bit.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

WAR's New Scenario Policy

Until recently, WAR's scenario lineup was changed with each major patch version.  That happened every few months, so the lineup ended up getting pretty stale.  That is now no longer the case.  Instead of changing with each patch, the lineup will change weekly, albeit slightly.

All three scenario brackets will also now share the same set of four scenarios.  It used to be that each bracket had its own set.  To cut down on the amount of work needed to be done, it makes sense that they would all now have the same scenarios to choose from.

The new system is: Once per week, the oldest scenario in the lineup will be removed, and a new one will be added.  On the weekends, there will be an additional Weekend Warfront scenario added to the list for a total of 5 to choose from.

I am pretty pleased with this direction.  One of WAR's strengths is the amount and diversity of scenarios it has to offer.  Having a rotating lineup will help to keep things fresh instead of having to wait months for a change. Grovod Cavern, the Play as Monster scenario, was also changed to encompass all of the tiers, which lets everyone play together.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SWTOR Data Dump: 1.6.2

The 1.6.2 patch was released today for SWTOR.  As per usual, I ran my tools against it to see what was new.  You can see the results below, there were about 242 new entries added, most of the were addressed in the patch notes.

New Armor Sets.  We see that Smugglers and Imperial Agents get new armor sets, which appear in the store.  Consulars and Inquisitors also seem to get a new set ( Sanctified Caretaker and Malevolent Interrogator respectively). They might be found in the now available Skip Tracer pack?

New Mount.  There is mention of a new mount, the Firebolt.

Most everything else seems to be already in the store or having to do with balance changes as mentioned in the patch notes.  I may have missed something though.


SWTOR Dailies

I hate dailies, I really do.  The idea of doing the same stuff over and over again for reputation or a currency just doesn't play with me.  So when I hit 50 in SWTOR, the endgame dailies became available to me.  I figured I'd at least check them out and do them once.

The Black Hole.  Most of the missions in this area were not very memorable.  There was one, Eyes and Ears, which featured a probe that followed you around to highlight where you place a listening device.  You also want to avoid detection or mobs will spawn.  Other than that, I didn't find much enjoyable.

Section X.  This is the latest daily zone, which is a lot like The Black Hole.  It has several solo missions and a Heroic mission meant for a group.  Being the recluse that I am, I just did the solo missions.  None of the missions really stood out for me.  I did like how they revolved around the Dread Masters though.   Overall, you can make some good credits by running these mission, over 500k a week.

The area also features a new world boss, Dreadtooth.  I have not gotten to fight him, but his difficulty increasing feature sounds pretty neat.

What's Next?  It seems like BioWare is going to continue the trend  of introducing new Daily zones.  In the 1.5 files, there was mention of a new area: Rakata Prime.  Not sure when and if we will see that though.  Like the previous areas, I'll do them once and that's it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

WeritCast: Venetian Dominion

I love me some strategy games, especially those from Paradox.  Recently, I have been playing some Europa Universalis 3, to scratch that strategy game itch.  Since I made a new years resolution to make more WeritCast videos, I thought I'd try my hand at making one for my EU3 game.

Instead of a Let's Play kind of video, I want it to be more like an After Action Report but in video form.  Basically, it is me talking over screenshots.  I'm also running a special today, two WeritCast videos for the price of one!

In Part 1, I set the stage and talk a bit about where Venice stands and where I want to go.  It also features wars with Byzantium, Milan and Austria.

In Part 2 we see the conclusion of some wars and the start of new ones.  Naples becomes my prime target, but a mistake makes the war less successful than I had hoped.  It does gain me a new ally though.

So what do you think?  Is this format entertaining at all?

Friday, January 4, 2013

Relic Defense

Capturing a Relic in Warhammer Online can be one of the more difficult activities a group can undertake.  First you need to bypass the doors, then take don the guardians and a Lord.  After that, you have to walk the relic back to your Fortress.  That's assuming there are no defenders... (language warning)

The big guys in the video are Play as Monster Generals which the players have taken control of.

I think the Fortress system is pretty good, but there are some areas for improvement.

Notifications.  I'd love to know if a Fort is under attack.  Right now you get notified if a relic is on the move in the pairing that you are in.  It could be a little late at that point.  I like defending things,  so I'd love to know an attack is in progress.

Numbers.  I think it takes 9 players to get the siege camp to spawn which gives access to the rams needed to bring down the fortress doors.  I'd like to see this lowered to 6, as it might make Relic attempts more common.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

I'm not usually one for doing New Years resolutions, but it does seem like a good opportunity to write down some goals. I don't really have any MMO specific goals though.  Most of the list will be comprised of productivity goals.

1) WeritCast.  Do at least 1 WeritCast video per week.  I started off the new year with one, so I'm off to a good start already :)

2) Sites with Benefits.  While I find the system useful, this coming year I'd like to get some other sites using it.  If all goes well, I could turn it into an actual service instead of just a project.

3)  Release a Game. Ah yes, this old resolution.  I have a lot of game code, maybe this is the year it actually becomes something playable and enjoyable.

4)  3D Modeling.  I'd like to learn the basics of 3D Modeling this year.  I received a book about Blender for Christmas, so I should be all set.

5)  Revamp the Arsenal.  I'd like to give the Arsenal of WAR a bit of a revamp.  It was one of my first web projects, and I have learned much since then.

There you have it, 5 resolutions for 2013.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WeritCast: Werit Raids

And we're back from the Christmas vacation doldrums.   That means it is time for episode #2 of WeritCast.  This episode is about SWTOR and actually shows me raiding.    Specifically, Bonethrasher in Karagga's Palace.  I also talk about some of the happenings going on with SWTOR.  It was a cool fight, you can't get much more iconic than fighting a huge Rancor.

I ended up getting my Rakata helmet, so that was a plus.  On the downside, this LFR  group fell apart after beating Bonethrasher.  One guy disconnected, we voted to kick, he came back just as the vote went through.  Then the group just started dropping.  Overall a fun time though.