Thursday, January 31, 2013

WeritCast: Venetian Dominion Part 2

Welcome to another episode of WeritCast!  So far, so good with keeping my new years resolution of putting out one video a week :)  Today I am having a special two for the price of one deal!  Yes, they are free to begin with but lets not get bogged down in the facts.  In these videos, we take a look at Europa Universalis 3, with me playing Venice. You can find part 1 here.

In this video Venice gets its first National Idea and we take a look around the map to see what is going on in the world.  We also go to war with Algiers, which turns out not to be such a good idea.

In episode 4, the war with Algiers winds down.  Will I come out with anything?  Watch and see :)  The second war with Naples starts up, with a goal of making it my vassal.