Friday, February 1, 2013

PocketTOR: How much is too much?

Development of PocketTOR has been moving along nicely.  PocketTOR is a SWTOR item database focused at mobile devices.  As of yesterday, I can handle regular statted items, items with enhancements and custom items which are empty.  I also got a basic client working, which you can see here (works best on mobile!).

Now for some questions...

1)  Does anyone really care about lesser quality items ( white, green )? I'm thinking of skipping these totally, and focusing on higher quality entries.

2)  Databases like torhead and darthhaterdb list items by their type ( i.e. Heavy Armor).  I'm thinking of taking this approach:  'What can class X use?'  From that, list items that each class can use, ordered by Item Level.  This is the approach I took with the Arsenal of WAR and I think it worked out well.

This is not without its challenges.  There does not seem to be any concept of Imperial and Republic item separation.  It could mean items in the classes list which they may not actually be able to obtain. We'll have to see how it goes.  

3)  I'm thinking that Adaptive armor and PvP armor should be their own category, on the same level as the classes.  One aspect of items I have not figured out yet is the concept of sets, so I'll need to do that soon too.