Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mythic Responds to Event Feedback

Last week, WAR's lead developer Keaven took some time to respond to a feedback thread about the Return to Ekrund Live Event.  Overall, I thought the event was a good one.  There were some issues with certain tasks encouraging kill trading and macro behavior.

One issue was clues.  It required 100 of them to complete the task.  These could be had by clicking on them in the world, or getting them from kills.  I think it was a good task, but 100 was way too much.  Keaven will be reducing this to 20 soon.

Another issue involved the Attack and Defend missions at certain Battlefield Objectives. Since there were requirements for this one, like owning/not owning a BO, it ended up being easier to trade kills using cross realming, which was certainly not the intention.  Keaven proposes changing these to simple kill quests based on character race.  I think that'll be a much better way to go.

The upgraded item was not intended to be permanent. We’ve encountered a handful of random errors with this event deployment, where data was missing from the Live servers where it exists everywhere else in the deployment line. We have no idea what caused the issue, but have been able to quickly address the issues, and fix them when they’ve been found... except, admittedly, for this permanent-item issue. The question I’m facing at the moment is, now that the permanent version is out there, do we just leave it as the reward for those who completed the event this first go-round, and swap in the decaying one when we release Part 2? Or do I say, "sorry, my bad" and force all existing permanent versions to auto-convert to the ones that decay?
The clues you need to collect for the clue quest aren’t only found by clicking on walls; clues can also be obtained through RvR combat. However, I’m considering lowering the clue requirement on the Quest to 2; meaning you would need a total of 20 clues, after doing the quest 10 times, rather than the 100 needed currently.
Speaking of updating things… I’m very, very unhappy at how cross-realming has taken over the event. While some may argue the event was structured in a way that fostered such behavior, I would respond with any player-killing task at all is open for abuse by cross-realming. It is just a shame that those who want to PLAY the game are in the minority, compared to those who just want to GAME the game. With that in mind, I’m thinking about changing the Attack/Defend tasks for the event. Instead of Attack/Defend, I’m thinking of these two:
1) Slay your enemies in the Gates of Ekrund Scenario ... 0/100
2) Slaughter the allies of the [Dwarfs/Greenskin] ... 0/2
     A. Kill [Empire/Chaos] Players in Ekrund or Mount Bloodhorn ... 0/25
     B. Kill [High Elf/Dark Elf] Players in Ekrund or Mount Bloodhorn ... 0/25