Friday, February 8, 2013

Secrets in SWTOR

It's nice to know that there are still some secrets in MMO's.  I know that is ironic coming from a data miner like myself.  Recently, I saw this post on TORWars about a group, Carnage Gaming,  taking down the world boss, Dreadtooth. That in itself is not notable, but they did it with 10 stacks.  That makes him extremely difficult to defeat, and they were the first group to pull off the feat.

Watch live video from fuzzycg on TwitchTV

For defeating the boss at that level of difficulty they received an item that summoned a special boss in the  Terror From Beyond Operation.  That boss also dropped a special item, the Dreadful Orb.  Who knows if that is used to unlock yet another secret?

I'm glad to see some mystery still left in our MMO's, even if I'll probably never participate in uncovering them.  That is probably one of the counter arguments.  How much time did it take to design that special boss which only a tiny fraction of the population will see?  Was it worth the resources?  I think it was.