Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Relics of the Gree Impressions

Yesterday, BioWare launched their 1.7 patch: Return of the Gree.  Included in it is a new recurring event, Relics of the Gree.  It's primarily for those of level 45+ and takes place on a reconstructed Ilum.  The event itself will last two weeks and is tied into the reputation system.  I checked it out yeserday, below are my impressions.

The Good. It looks really cool, especially the Gray Secant starship.  The story and theme behind the event are neat too.  Sadly, that is all the good I have for this event.

The Bad.  Where to start...  It's full of dailies and I hate dailies.  Whether it be the Northern Ice Shelf or the Southern Ice Shelf  the event is all about completing dailies to gain Gree reputation.  That's ok though, some people like dailies.

What's not ok is that there are dailies for the contested area.  These are not PvP dailies, just more PvE dailies. All of the dailies can be completed in the contested area (I think) if you so choose.  There is just the threat of being ganked.  My definition of ganked is doing PvE and getting jumped by an enemy.

It's not a regular PvP area either, its a group restricted free for all area.  That means Republic players can attack other Republic players.  Why would I be doing this on Ilum?  I have no idea.  It doesn't make sense from a lore perspective

I can understand why they went this route though.  Limiting it to 4 person group sizes, it lessens the chance of the zerg.  It's easily bypassed though as I saw a bunch of players from the same guild in there, they just use vent instead of group chat.  Making it a free for all also lessens the chance of a zerg, to an organized group it amounts to friendly fire, which is kinda neat.

I tried to get PvP groups going, but it was mostly just PvEers trying to do their dailies and had no interest in actually engaging the enemy.  I went in solo and got a couple of kills.  You know what I got?  Nothing.  I guess I am spoiled with WAR's PvP progression.

If you like dailies, this is a patch you'll love.  If you were hoping for a revitalization of open world PvP, you might not be so lucky.