Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Trip to Mythic - Part 1

Several weeks ago myself, Mykiel and Gaarawarr were invited down to Mythic for a day at the studio.  At the time, we had no idea why we were being invited down.  Of course our minds filled with many possibilities.  Was WAR going F2P?  Was WoH coming out of beta?  And many more.  Sadly, these turned out not to be true.

The day started out with the news that Wrath of Heroes would be shutting down.  I was pretty surprised at the news, as I did not expect to get bad news during a trip to visit the studio.  I have to give them props and respect for breaking the news face to face though.  It could not have been an easy thing to do.

We then discussed some of what they were going to do with WoH from now until closing.  Most of it revolved around releasing new heroes at a frantic pace.  It seems they have a lot of them waiting in the wings and want players to get a chance to play them.  They will also reduce the gold cost of them, so they can actually be bought in time.  They have some really neat Heroes coming up!

They also talked a bit about providing some sort of incentive to play other games, like WAR.  we found out yesterday that WoH players will get a nice package to jump start their WAR experience.  I know I'm looking forward to jumping one of my low level alts to level 30 :)

As for WoH, I was certainly sad to hear the news about its closing.  I only played it casually though, as WAR was still my game of choice.  Mythic made an original game concept, which was a risk.  Sometimes it does not work out so I cannot fault them for trying.  People may wonder what might have been if these resources were spent on WAR instead.  There is no guarantee that the resources would have been used elsewhere at all though.

Speaking of WAR, we'll talk about that in Part 2.  I will say it's nothing too crazy, so don't let your mins wander that much :)