Monday, February 11, 2013

PocketTOR: New Features

Over the weekend, I felt productive and added some new features to PocketTOR.  PT is item database and information portal for SWTOR focused at mobile devices. The item database is neat and all, but I felt it needed something else to be a valuable tool.  I decided to leverage Dev Spy, and add more information.

Live Streams.  The Live Stream section will show you any currently active live streams on both Own3d and Twitch.

TORWars.  This section will have the latest articles from the #1 fansite, TORWars.  I'm not just saying that because I write articles over there either ;)

Reddit.  The latest Reddit posts for SWTOR are also now listed.

With these new features, I think PocketTOR is a much more useful mobile tool, great for providing SWTOR content while out and about.  I've been experimenting with making it a true phone app, instead of a webpage so that may be coming soon :)  You can find it here: