Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In a Funk

For the past week or so I have been in a bit of a gaming funk.  I have not really played any of the games I usually do.  I haven't really done much programming either on PocketTOR or any of my other projects either.  Part of it is due to work requiring a bit more of my time, I just don't feel like doing much afterwards.

I have not totally been off games though. My daughter and I have been playing Angry Birds on the 360.  She's actually pretty good at it.  I've also been playing some Golden Tee Golf in our little arcade when we are downstairs playing.   So it's really just computer games which have been suffering.  I've been watching TV and reading with my free time instead of being at the computer.

Hopefully this malaise clears up soon as I want to get back to WAR and SWTOR.  I also want to add armor sets to PocketTOR soon as well and get that sucker turned into a real app.  Of course, I think I've caught a cold so that certainly doesn't help with my lack of motivation.