Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PocketTOR: Armed and Dangerous

I'm happy to say that PocketTOR, the mobile device focused item database for SWTOR, now supports weapons.  Each career has a list based on what type of weapons they can use. So Jedi's have lightsabers, while the Imperial Agent has his Sniper Rifle and Vibroknife.

PvP equipment has also been moved to its own category and contains information for each class.  I currently don't have the cost of each item, but that is something I'd like to add soon.

I have also moved PocketTOR to a more appropriate home:

What's next for PocketTOR?  I'm not really sure.  A way to find out where you can get an item has been a popular request.  Also, I have been experimenting making with making PocketTOR an actual iOS/Android app in addition to being a webpage.