Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mythic Compensates Players

Over the past week, Warhammer Online has been suffering from lag and zone crashes.  This was due to a move from traditional servers over to cloud servers.  The culprit seems to have been the Against All Odds system and memory limitations on the cloud servers.

After several failed attempts at fixing the problem, Mythic finally managed to find the precise causes over the weekend.  A fix was deployed and the problems went away.  To make a mends for the issues Mythic decided to give the players the following:

  • 10-Days of game time applied to subscribed account
  • 1 Golden Writ available to subscribed characters
  • 100% XP/RP boost for 7 days for all characters
  • A stack of 10 Lesser Bone Wards available for all characters
  • A special title unlock for anyone who attempted to play between the 18th and the 24th
This is quite a generous  package.  While the free game time is nice... the Golden Writ is pretty awesome.  It can be turned in for any number of nice items.  The Lesser Bone Wards are a new item, which are based off of the permanent item, Bone Ward.  It makes you immune to critical damage and armor penetration for a short time.  Then, of course, there is the new title which I think is a great touch.

Thanks for all the neat stuff Mythic!