Monday, July 18, 2016

Thoughts on Knights of the Eternal Throne

During the Star Wars Celebration, BioWare announced the next expansion for SWTOR: Knights of the Eternal Throne. That is pretty much all we know about it.  It wouldn't be BioWare if we got something juicy.  I'm happy that they announced a new expansion, of course.  I really wasn't expecting another on based on Zakuul though.

The name kind of implies we will be fighting for the Eternal Throne this time.  That says to me we will be installing the new leader once Arcann is defeated.  In the image they showed, it appeared Senya was on it.  I really hope it is not Senya, my character has been trying to get rid of her ever since she entered the scene.  No way do I want her on the throne.  I actually want Koth to take over, but I seriously doubt that will be an option.

Anyway, I was hoping with the next expansion we'd go back to more Empire/Republic stuff.  I'm sure it'll be good though.  We'll see what the scope is.  If it is smaller than KoTFE, then it means it probably didn't do as well as they hoped.  If it's bigger and better, then they are on the right track.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Console Pipeline

Yesterday, during E3, Microsoft announced not one but two consoles.  There was a funny tweet I saw, to paraphrase "Microsoft announces a new console then makes it obsolete 90 minutes later."  Great stuff.  I immediately went and pre-ordered the XBox One S.  Do I need it?  Not really, I don't even have a 4k TV.  However, now I have a reason to get one.

Kids can be beneficial.  I can give them my current One to use, while I get the S.  They use a 360 now, so it'll be a nice upgrade for them.  When Project Scorpio comes out next year, they'll get my S, and I get the new console.  Everyone's happy!  Except maybe the wife...

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Monday, June 13, 2016

New Toy for the Kid in Me

I have a new obsession.  It all started when i was looking through a box of stuff from when I was a kind.  I found these diecast military planes I used to play with.  They are pretty small, a few inches long.  But I used to love them, and it turns out I still do.  I brought them to my work desk so I can play with them during meetings and use them for inspiration (imagination).

Well, my collection is now growing.  They still make these things, who knew?  My newest addition is an F-35.  It may be a bit of a boondoggle, but it is an awesome looking fighter.

I've got more on the way too!  It's not just limited to planes, I love a good warship too.

I also got another new toy over the weekend:

Thursday, June 9, 2016


This post is a bit different from what I usually post here.  It really has nothing to do with games.  I was thinking about yesterday when I am most content.  I'm not sure if this is strange or not, maybe you can confirm or deny.

For me, it is at night when my wife and kids are asleep.    I lay in bed, just happy knowing they are all safe and sound.  The kids are also quiet, which certainly helps with the peacefulness aspect of contentment.  This might be a common feeling among parents :)

Just a thought that came to mind.  When are you most content?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hearts of Iron 4 is Awesome

How many ways can you do a WW2 game?  It's also a question I asked myself when Civilization 6 was announced.  It turns out, they can just keep making it better,  Hearts of Iron is the best iteration of the game yet.  Some of the things I like about it:

  • Production feels right.  I create Air Wings, then say how big I want them.  factories get to work.  I create a division, orders are made, factories get to work.  It's fun for me, at least.
  • Details.  Wars feel a lot more detailed, or at least the information is more readily available.
  • Battleplans are fun to make.  
I started out as Italy, as I always do.  They start at war and they are in the middle of the action.  They are also not too big, and not too small.  Starting as the USA is rough.  After Ethiopia was won, I invaded Yemen.  Then I took on Yugoslavia... which caused France to go to war with me.  Luckily Germany was an Ally.  So that's the war right know.  The UK has not gotten involved.  There was a huge air battle over Italy, but I won thanks to my emphasis on air superiority.  

I want to play right now, grrr.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

What's Werit up to?

Busy times at the Werit household.  I spent a large chunk at a ballet recitle yesterday.  It wasn't that bad, as there was a lot of  modern music.  Other kid seems to have sports practice or a game daily.  Then there is work, which is going great, so i spend a lot of time on it.  Oh right, this is a games website.

Hearts of Iron 4 comes out today!

I bought Total War: Warhammer.  It's pretty good.

Stellaris just got a patch!

SWTOR has a new Chapter out I have to play ASAP.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A New Venture

As I mentioned last week, my gaming habits have changed.  As such, I got an idea for a new website.  This time, I am not going for a blog.  That's what this site is for after all.  Instead the new site will focus on the topic of mobile pvp strategy games.

I find myself laying on the couch playing these games, thus the Mobile Couch Potato was born.  I'm going for a 'real gaming site'  which covers these specific types of games.  I found the options out there lacking, so I thought I'd make my own.

I'm still messing around with the look, and a real banner is coming.  Plus, it's fun to play with all the new technology since this site was made.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wait, Werit still has a Blog?

I do!  It's been the longest gap between posts since this blog started years ago.  Honestly, I have been pretty busy at work.  I only have so much mental bandwidth to give and the blog has been the one to suffer.  I'm sorry blog.  But it also has been due to a change in my gaming habits.  I seem to rarely be playing games where I sit at a desk or TV.  Except for Stellaris, I love you.

I have been mostly playing mobile games (Thanks Syncaine).  I always thought they were lame and shallow.  It seems I was wrong.  I am currently obsessed with them, trying new ones all the time.  Here are the ones i am playing now.

Clash of Clans
Clash Royale

Trying out:

Empires and Allies
Imperia Online

They are all really cool games.  There are, of course, really crappy ones too.  I'm looking at you Game of War and Mobile Strike.  How they are succeeding, I'll never know.

The bite sized, yet strategic gameplay these games provides works perfectly for me right now.  I can just lay on the couch and do stuff, or go outside, or whatever.

Friday, April 8, 2016

So far behind

I was away for work all week, and I come back with just a mess of gaming related things to do.  I have really been slacking on that front it seems.  By the way, the new computer is awesome!  I got it all setup with a few games, and it is everything I hoped for.  Now I just need a game to really push it.  Ashes of Singularity might be the only one out there.

SWTOR.  I need to play the latest chapter, and the Eternal Championship.  That may happen this weekend.

Quantum Break.  It arrived while I was away, so I want to start playing that.

Forge.  Forge now allows you to stream to Twitch and Youtube.  Have to play around with that.

The Division.  Need to keep on making progress there.  I'd like to actually finish that gabe before a DLC comes out.

Fallout 4.  I downloaded their first DLC before I left, now I find out the 2nd DLC is due out in 4 days.  I really want to finish that game too!

Black Desert Online.  They just released one of the expansions, but I am still stuck in Veila!  I need to progress there too.  

Star Wars.  The new Star Wars movie is out on DVD, I still have not seen it.  I probably should.  

So much to do.  

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today is a big day!

It's been a few years, but today my new computer arrives!  I decided to go high end, because I want this system to last me at least 5 years.  So lets get to the main specs...

Intel i7 6 core 3.3ghz
32gb of RAM
Nvidia 980ti
1TB Samsung SSD
27" 2560x1440 monitor (up from 23" 1920x1080)

So I am pretty excited about it getting here.  I have been holding off on PC games for the past few days in anticipation.  I'm sure it will arrive very late in the day.  Not sure what I'll boot up first, Black Desert Online maybe?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Clash Royale

with cheese.  I have never really gotten into a mobile game before.  They've always been too shallow for me to consider.  But posts by Keen and SynCaine turned me on to Clash Royal.  It's like a mini-moba but 1v1 and based on cards.  It's actually a lot of fun.  The best part to me is that matches last around 3 minutes.

I liked League of Legends a lot, but matches were just too long.  I could maybe do one per day now.  And there is a high chance that it'll be crappy due to other people being involved.  That's just not how I want to spend my limited gaming time.  Clash Royale gives me that competitive feel, but in much smaller bites.

Not all is well though.  Their business model walks the pay to win line.  For example, $20 will get you 453 cards (including at least 8 epics).  That does give you an advatange, as you'll have a wider selection and more upgraded cards.  You can use the left over gems to buy gold to do the upgrades.  It's not an I Win button, but it sure helps.

I haven't spend any money yet and have climbed my way to Arena 3 (out of 8).  My trophies (rating system) hovers around 800 at the moment.  There are also levels, of which I am level 4.  It's a very addictive game since the matches are so short.  You always just want one more, especially if you are on a losing streak.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Division

I fell to the peer pressure that is Social Media.  Last week, I had no plans on buying The Division.  I figured it was just another multi-player shooter.  One of the many out there.  Although, I do love me some Tom Clancy.  Then I started to hear folks talking about how it is slower paced, has a story, and has RPG elements.  That combined with the modern setting pushed me over the edge and I bought it for the PC.

So far, I have been having fun.  What is most surprising is that it is actually pretty difficult at times (or I just stink).  For example, I did the Hudson Refugee Camp mission yesterday.  It took me at least 25 times to complete it.  I died, a lot.  I was solo, of course, but still.  I'm not used to that kind of difficulty these days.  It felt good when I finally beat it.

The story elements are pretty cool.  I like how there are different types of intel you can come across that fill you in on what's going on.  The narrative is top notch too.  The base building aspect was unexpected as well, but welcome.  Anything that provides more customization for your character.  I do wish the world was more interactive though.  It looks so nice, but I want to loot everything!  Thanks, Fallout 4.

Sadly, this is taking time away from Black Desert Online at the moment.  I want to get back into it, but the modern setting of The Division is doing it for me.

Monday, March 14, 2016

To the Sea!

My goal in BDA last week was to get my very own raft and take to the sea.  No real reason, just that boats are cool.  Luckily rafts are not very difficult to make.  They just take a bunch of Contribution Points, some logs, and a few Black Powder.  Oh, and time.  I had 3 workers on it for a good chunk of the time.  In the end, I had my very own raft, named the JohnB.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Down with Goblins! Up with Spaceships!

Normally, I like Goblins.  They have to be a little bit evil though.  In Black Desert Online, I do not.  They seem to be whiners/servants.  There are wild Goblins it seems, but they must pay for their more civilized cousins transgressions.  Lately they have been the focus of my combat in the game, as you can see below.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend.  It's the time I usually end up playing SWTOR, and the new chapter is out!  As I mostly play my Trooper, hanging out with Jorgan should be pretty interesting.  I hear it is a bit on the short end, but it'll likely still be fun.  There is apparently something interesting at the end.

I also picked up the StarDrive 2 expansion this week.  You know I love me some 4x games.  I've only scratched the surface so far, but it seems pretty fun.  I do love its tactical combat and the introduction of hexes.  As you can see below,  I found a space crystal friend and rolled out a new Cruiser.  Good times.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DBO today, SWTOR this weekend

Chapter XI of SWTOR launches today!  It brings back the first Trooper companion, Aric Jorgan.  I'm pretty excited about this chapter, but will hold off on playing it until this weekend.  I need the uninterrupted time that I only get on weekends to enjoy the chapter.  Until then, I'll play some more BDO.

It's still been an interesting game, even if the economy isn't in a very good state right now.  I enjoy exploring and unlocking nodes.  Combat has also been a little enjoyable, as my Giant just wrecks things.  I have no idea what I'm doing though.

I've changed my economic enterprises to Copper mining and Wood farming (for boats).  Who doesn't want a boat?  Maybe those materials will see for a decent amount.  Making a pickaxe sure isn't a good idea.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Black Desert Online's Economy is out of whack

So I've been looking at making a living by crafting in BDO.  I love mining and blacksmithing/tool making.  So I figured I'd head down that path.  My first goal would be to make a better pickaxe for people to mine with.  Sadly, the economics behind it make no sense.  Let's take a look.


200 Copper Ore (which is melted then made into Copper ingots).  Copper Ore, on its own sells for ~150 Silver.  That's 30,000 Silver worth of materials.  I won't even bother counting the cost of feeding workers or mining equipment.

I can BUY the next level up Pickaxe (Sharp) for 2,539 Silver.

The only way it is profitable is if I get a lucky roll and create a Lucky Pickaxe, which runs 150k+.

So it is much better to just sell the raw materials :(

Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 1 of Black Desert Online

After some delays, Black Desert Online came online.  I created a Giant named Baracas (Werit).  Maybe my system is just old, but the game actually doesn't look that great to me.  I'm running on High too.  I think it is just my system, has to be. I will have a new computer soon, can't wait!

My first impressions, the black spirit thing is really annoying.  They really should have Westernized the sounds it makes.  Hate it.  I also hate how NPC's just constantly say the same things if you are standing near them.  I had to turn my sound off.

The control scheme also takes some getting used to.  I really need to change my keybinds around.  I also need to play with the settings as the UI is extremely cluttered.  I know there is an option for that.  Combat isn't bad, just takes a little getting used to.  In the starter area, there are so many mobs that it is hard to tell what's going on.  Just mayhem.

The above may sound bad, but there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in the game.  I spent time tracking down everyone in the starting village.  I played with the conversation system.  Sadly, I then found out there are hidden requirements for quests you 'unlock.'  I bought a house.  I explored and spent a lot of energy on gathering.

I was surprised to see that Energy does not replenish while you are offline.  That is going to make playing the game harder for me, but I suppose they need some limiting factor for activities.  I'll just have to mix things up.  I have not gotten into crafting yet, but I hope to today.  I'm going to concentrate on mining/blacksmithing I think.  Seems to be what I do in every game.

So right now, I give it a 6/10 after one day.  I think it'll trend upwards.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Into Black Desert Online

The release of BDO really snuck up on me.  So I bought in at the $30 tier yesterday and should be able to play today.  Sadly, the servers are delayed coming up, otherwise I'd be playing and not making this post.  I don't have huge hopes for the game, but it certainly looks like I'll get $30 out of it.  There is no subscription, so it is like GW2.

I've heard a lot about grind issues,  but who are we kidding?  I'll probably never reach the level cap.  I just want to play for a few weeks, explore, and mess with the new systems.  No big deal.  Sadly, Forge does not support BDO at the moment.  I hate playing games without Forge now!

I am thinking of going with the Giant class.  I hear it is the easiest to control.  My dexterity level is quite low, so I need an easy class to play.  I have been spoiled by too many years of hotbar based combat.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

XCOM 2 is hard

XCOM 2 is a pretty challenging game, but also very fun.  I am even using a mod that makes the Avatar project take longer.  Still,  I never seem to be able to assault the alien facilities.  I'm just always too injured to mount an assault.  behold, my two missions from last night.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One Star Fortress Down

A bunch more to go.  After a failed attempt to defeat a Heroic Star Fortress a few weeks ago, I returned to try again.  Last time, I just don't think my gear or companion influence was good enough.  Even with the buffs, I could not get past the 3rd part before the main boss fight.

This time was different though.  I still died at the 2 elite ambush, but I was able to make my way to the Exarch.  The fight with him was surprisingly easy for my Trooper.  It took a little while, eventually he met his fate.  The loot was unimpressive.  Not sure why it gives 208 items when you need 208 items to be there.  Oh well, I did score some nice decorations and a new companion.

 Overall, it was a nice challenge.  It was really the first time I had to worry about my gear in SWTOR.  Usually that's left up to the raiders, but I like having something to work towards as a solo player.  Now I just need to take on the rest of the Star Fortresses.  No rush though

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


As I was doing the Alliance recruitment mission for Blizz (which was awesome), an idea occurred to me.  Companions in SWTOR are now just ok.  While they have different looks and personalities, they are pretty much all the same.  They get different abilities based on their weapon, but does it really matter?  I would love to see each companion get a special ability.  It doesn't have to be powerful, just iconic or fun.

During the Blizz mission, you had a pack of Jawa's fighting with you.  That was crazy and awesome!  I'd love to have that ability, even if not especially powerful or on a long cooldown.  It's just fun and iconic.  It would also make companions a little more interesting.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Game Rankings

My gaming habits have changed a bit.  As I think about it, the games I play usually comes down to a ranking, so here are this weeks Werit game rankings!  I can only really think about 3 at a time.

1)  XCom 2 - it's the new kid on the block, having a lot of fun.  

2)  SWTOR - Finished up Chapter X, now doing Jedi Knight story stuff

3)  ESO - Back burner.  

Outside the top 3:

Fallout 4
Pillars of Eternity
Star Nomad 2
Galactic Civilizations 3

Future contenders:

Black Desert Online
Hearts of Iron 4
Fallout 4 DLC

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chapter X, a success!

Last week, we saw the first of SWTOR's monthly content with Chapter X:  Anarchy in Paradise.  It wasn't all they had hoped, with the new arena feature being delayed a month.  However, it was a really good piece of content.  Some spoilers to follow.

The TLDR of it, Firebrand (aka, Kaliyo the Imperial Agent companion) is a terrorist on Zakuul.  We go to recruit her.  She wants our help to finish a job.  We end up deciding how far to take things.  She joins up.  I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't really reject her.  My Trooper doesn't need a terrorist Empire ally around.

It was a fun experience though.  The new environments were good, the dialog was good.  Combat was a bit different with enemies attacking in waves.  There were even trash guys standing far away firing at us, but missing a lot.  That added some nice atmosphere.  There was a great fight where gunships attacked through the windows too.

I think it took me about a little over an hour to complete.  I wish it was longer, but it was pretty good quality.

That's not all there is to the update.  I have 2 Alliance missions to do still.  One to get HK-55 back, the other to recruit Blizz (Bounty Hunter companion).

Oh, and Chapter XI is less than a month away already!  Jorgan is back!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SWTOR 4.1 Impressions - No Story

Chapter X (4.1) launched for SWTOR yesterday.  Sadly, there was extended downtime though.  Not a big deal for me though.  I still got my game time in.  Overall, it is a pretty good patch so far.  I won't touch Chapter X until the weekend, so I mainly played around with everything else.

I zipped around on my new jetpack.

I stacked my crafting materials now that the limit is 9,999 (up from 99!).  My crafting tab is so much nicer now.

I worked on my crew skills now that the limit was raised.  I also started crafting a 208 barrell before I logged off.  My current one is 186, so a nice upgrade!

Having your companions listed by influence amount is awesome in the crew skill window.

I swapped some of my Grade 8 materials for 9... so many useless Grade 8's.  BUT, I think there is a new Conquest crafting material which can use them now.

I used some Jawa junk to get the materials for my new Advanced barrel.

I bought a Hypercrate.  I have not decided if I am going to open it, or sell it.  I kind of just want the new droid companion.

Good times so far!

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Challenge ... in SWTOR?

Since Chapter 10 is due out this week (yay!)  it was time to start playing SWTOR again.  I recruited a few new Alliance members, but sent that Sith Xalek to prison.  Wonder if he will escape and come after me some day?  Then it was time to try out the Star Fortresses.

The normal mode was easy, as expected.  It was kind of neat how they ended it, but really didn't make any sense.  There was some talk about a shield generator on the planet, but I was already inside?  Then the Xarch force choked us and we had to leave.  That opened up the Heroic version.

Most of the Heroic mode was easy, things just took longer to kill.  The Paladins couldn't really break the healing of M1-4X.  But then we got to where the normal version left off and there were two Zakulul Knight elites.  These guys seemed tougher than the ones previous.  I actually died and woke up in a jail cell.  That was a very neat touch.  I also died in the 2nd reactor room.  Then came the 3rd room and I just could beat it.  I must have died 10 times.

To be fair, my gear is substandard.  Some 208's, but a lot less.  My companion and specialists are also low level.  My main problem seems to be lack of DPS.  I just can't kill the Sunguard elites fast enough.  So I actually need to improve myself, which is not a common thing in SWTOR.

I'm glad to have something to work towards!

Friday, January 29, 2016

On to the next

I finished up at my current job today.  Kinda sucks leaving as I liked the work, and the people.  Just had an opportunity I had to take.  So thus ends this chapter.  It's a new kind of job for me so I am a little nervous.  Hopefully I can make it in the faster paced world.

On the game front, still waiting for Chapter X to get closer before I get back into SWTOR.  I should be doing alts, but I just haven't been in the mood.  Think it is the holiday's.  Although, I have been playing ESO almost daily.  Just so much I have never done in that game, plus world PvP.  The new DLC drops in a month of so too.  I still haven't done much with the first two.

Hope you all are doing well.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Status Update

Good news on the Werit front.  I've acquired a new job and start soon.  It's a step up from where I am now, but more risky.  I'm very excited though.  I'm a very self-motivated person, and this new job will give me plenty of opportunity to do things.  Of course, it may mean less blogging and gaming.  Such is life.

I'm mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online right now.  I really enjoy the world and just exploring.  It helps when that exploring leads to profit using the Guild Stores.  I'm in three merchant guilds at the moment.  I recently crossed the 20,000 gold threshhold at level 16.  I also PvP once in a while too, just for fun.  I'm still advancing, but slowly.  The ESO game world is huge, especially when you spot to pick up everything.

We are less than a month out from Chapter X of SWTOR.  That'll be cool.  Some people are still upset about the lack of new group PvE content, but BioWare doesn't seem too moved.  That's fine with me though, group PvE activity ranks last on my favorites list.  Not that I am opposed to it being added to the game.  I figured we would have at least gotten a new solo/tactical/hard mode Flashpoint by 4.1.

Hope you all are doing well!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Still Kicking

I haven't posted in a while, but I am still around.  Gaming has taken a backseat lately to work.  I'm really making a push to advance on that front, so most of my energy has been going there.  I'm having fun though, so that is nice.

When I do play games, it's mostly SWTOR, ESO, and Fallout 4.  I'm especially enjoying ESO at the moment.  Their Guild concepts (like th store) make things pretty interesting on the economic front.  Plus the setting is just awesome.  I even did some PvP.

Hope everyone is doing well and Happy New Year!