Monday, March 7, 2016

Black Desert Online's Economy is out of whack

So I've been looking at making a living by crafting in BDO.  I love mining and blacksmithing/tool making.  So I figured I'd head down that path.  My first goal would be to make a better pickaxe for people to mine with.  Sadly, the economics behind it make no sense.  Let's take a look.


200 Copper Ore (which is melted then made into Copper ingots).  Copper Ore, on its own sells for ~150 Silver.  That's 30,000 Silver worth of materials.  I won't even bother counting the cost of feeding workers or mining equipment.

I can BUY the next level up Pickaxe (Sharp) for 2,539 Silver.

The only way it is profitable is if I get a lucky roll and create a Lucky Pickaxe, which runs 150k+.

So it is much better to just sell the raw materials :(