Thursday, March 3, 2016

Into Black Desert Online

The release of BDO really snuck up on me.  So I bought in at the $30 tier yesterday and should be able to play today.  Sadly, the servers are delayed coming up, otherwise I'd be playing and not making this post.  I don't have huge hopes for the game, but it certainly looks like I'll get $30 out of it.  There is no subscription, so it is like GW2.

I've heard a lot about grind issues,  but who are we kidding?  I'll probably never reach the level cap.  I just want to play for a few weeks, explore, and mess with the new systems.  No big deal.  Sadly, Forge does not support BDO at the moment.  I hate playing games without Forge now!

I am thinking of going with the Giant class.  I hear it is the easiest to control.  My dexterity level is quite low, so I need an easy class to play.  I have been spoiled by too many years of hotbar based combat.