Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DBO today, SWTOR this weekend

Chapter XI of SWTOR launches today!  It brings back the first Trooper companion, Aric Jorgan.  I'm pretty excited about this chapter, but will hold off on playing it until this weekend.  I need the uninterrupted time that I only get on weekends to enjoy the chapter.  Until then, I'll play some more BDO.

It's still been an interesting game, even if the economy isn't in a very good state right now.  I enjoy exploring and unlocking nodes.  Combat has also been a little enjoyable, as my Giant just wrecks things.  I have no idea what I'm doing though.

I've changed my economic enterprises to Copper mining and Wood farming (for boats).  Who doesn't want a boat?  Maybe those materials will see for a decent amount.  Making a pickaxe sure isn't a good idea.