Friday, March 11, 2016

Down with Goblins! Up with Spaceships!

Normally, I like Goblins.  They have to be a little bit evil though.  In Black Desert Online, I do not.  They seem to be whiners/servants.  There are wild Goblins it seems, but they must pay for their more civilized cousins transgressions.  Lately they have been the focus of my combat in the game, as you can see below.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend.  It's the time I usually end up playing SWTOR, and the new chapter is out!  As I mostly play my Trooper, hanging out with Jorgan should be pretty interesting.  I hear it is a bit on the short end, but it'll likely still be fun.  There is apparently something interesting at the end.

I also picked up the StarDrive 2 expansion this week.  You know I love me some 4x games.  I've only scratched the surface so far, but it seems pretty fun.  I do love its tactical combat and the introduction of hexes.  As you can see below,  I found a space crystal friend and rolled out a new Cruiser.  Good times.