Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chapter X, a success!

Last week, we saw the first of SWTOR's monthly content with Chapter X:  Anarchy in Paradise.  It wasn't all they had hoped, with the new arena feature being delayed a month.  However, it was a really good piece of content.  Some spoilers to follow.

The TLDR of it, Firebrand (aka, Kaliyo the Imperial Agent companion) is a terrorist on Zakuul.  We go to recruit her.  She wants our help to finish a job.  We end up deciding how far to take things.  She joins up.  I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't really reject her.  My Trooper doesn't need a terrorist Empire ally around.

It was a fun experience though.  The new environments were good, the dialog was good.  Combat was a bit different with enemies attacking in waves.  There were even trash guys standing far away firing at us, but missing a lot.  That added some nice atmosphere.  There was a great fight where gunships attacked through the windows too.

I think it took me about a little over an hour to complete.  I wish it was longer, but it was pretty good quality.

That's not all there is to the update.  I have 2 Alliance missions to do still.  One to get HK-55 back, the other to recruit Blizz (Bounty Hunter companion).

Oh, and Chapter XI is less than a month away already!  Jorgan is back!