Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SWTOR 4.1 Impressions - No Story

Chapter X (4.1) launched for SWTOR yesterday.  Sadly, there was extended downtime though.  Not a big deal for me though.  I still got my game time in.  Overall, it is a pretty good patch so far.  I won't touch Chapter X until the weekend, so I mainly played around with everything else.

I zipped around on my new jetpack.

I stacked my crafting materials now that the limit is 9,999 (up from 99!).  My crafting tab is so much nicer now.

I worked on my crew skills now that the limit was raised.  I also started crafting a 208 barrell before I logged off.  My current one is 186, so a nice upgrade!

Having your companions listed by influence amount is awesome in the crew skill window.

I swapped some of my Grade 8 materials for 9... so many useless Grade 8's.  BUT, I think there is a new Conquest crafting material which can use them now.

I used some Jawa junk to get the materials for my new Advanced barrel.

I bought a Hypercrate.  I have not decided if I am going to open it, or sell it.  I kind of just want the new droid companion.

Good times so far!