Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Status Update

Good news on the Werit front.  I've acquired a new job and start soon.  It's a step up from where I am now, but more risky.  I'm very excited though.  I'm a very self-motivated person, and this new job will give me plenty of opportunity to do things.  Of course, it may mean less blogging and gaming.  Such is life.

I'm mostly playing Elder Scrolls Online right now.  I really enjoy the world and just exploring.  It helps when that exploring leads to profit using the Guild Stores.  I'm in three merchant guilds at the moment.  I recently crossed the 20,000 gold threshhold at level 16.  I also PvP once in a while too, just for fun.  I'm still advancing, but slowly.  The ESO game world is huge, especially when you spot to pick up everything.

We are less than a month out from Chapter X of SWTOR.  That'll be cool.  Some people are still upset about the lack of new group PvE content, but BioWare doesn't seem too moved.  That's fine with me though, group PvE activity ranks last on my favorites list.  Not that I am opposed to it being added to the game.  I figured we would have at least gotten a new solo/tactical/hard mode Flashpoint by 4.1.

Hope you all are doing well!