Tuesday, January 8, 2013

SWTOR Dailies

I hate dailies, I really do.  The idea of doing the same stuff over and over again for reputation or a currency just doesn't play with me.  So when I hit 50 in SWTOR, the endgame dailies became available to me.  I figured I'd at least check them out and do them once.

The Black Hole.  Most of the missions in this area were not very memorable.  There was one, Eyes and Ears, which featured a probe that followed you around to highlight where you place a listening device.  You also want to avoid detection or mobs will spawn.  Other than that, I didn't find much enjoyable.

Section X.  This is the latest daily zone, which is a lot like The Black Hole.  It has several solo missions and a Heroic mission meant for a group.  Being the recluse that I am, I just did the solo missions.  None of the missions really stood out for me.  I did like how they revolved around the Dread Masters though.   Overall, you can make some good credits by running these mission, over 500k a week.

The area also features a new world boss, Dreadtooth.  I have not gotten to fight him, but his difficulty increasing feature sounds pretty neat.

What's Next?  It seems like BioWare is going to continue the trend  of introducing new Daily zones.  In the 1.5 files, there was mention of a new area: Rakata Prime.  Not sure when and if we will see that though.  Like the previous areas, I'll do them once and that's it.