Friday, January 4, 2013

Relic Defense

Capturing a Relic in Warhammer Online can be one of the more difficult activities a group can undertake.  First you need to bypass the doors, then take don the guardians and a Lord.  After that, you have to walk the relic back to your Fortress.  That's assuming there are no defenders... (language warning)

The big guys in the video are Play as Monster Generals which the players have taken control of.

I think the Fortress system is pretty good, but there are some areas for improvement.

Notifications.  I'd love to know if a Fort is under attack.  Right now you get notified if a relic is on the move in the pairing that you are in.  It could be a little late at that point.  I like defending things,  so I'd love to know an attack is in progress.

Numbers.  I think it takes 9 players to get the siege camp to spawn which gives access to the rams needed to bring down the fortress doors.  I'd like to see this lowered to 6, as it might make Relic attempts more common.