Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PocketTOR or TORtoGo?

Yesterday, I made some good progress on my latest project.  The basic idea behind it is to make an item database, for SWTOR, which is focused on mobile devices (i.e. phones).  I finally figured out where Rating and DPS/Armor info is stored, which was one of the final pieces of info I needed to track down.

Now that I have most of the information I need to make a prototype, it's time for an important step.  What should I call it?  Twitter had some good ideas like: PocketTOR and TORtoGo.  I like both, what do you think?

The next step for me is to get the actual database setup.  I am going to try something new this time and use MongoDB.  It was suggested to me by Nazgum over at Shivtr and it is time I gave it a try.  Today's task is to finish up gathering the info from the files and maybe even get my first database entry in.  Then comes the client side, but more on that later.