Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Elf Generals

With the arrival of Relics to Fortresses in the Warhammer Online 1.4.5 patch, we also get special guardians called Fortress Generals.  What makes these npc's special is that players can assume control over them in order to defend their relic.  If they are not being controlled, they will act like normal npc's and attack when enemies are near.

Some things to know about Fortress Generals:
  • They have a ton of health.  Healer archetypes have ~240,000 hp and the rest have ~160,000hp.
  • Each has 5 abilities for the player to use.  
  • They do not do a lot of damage/healing, less than most players.  However, some have some nice utility.
  • The Fortress Generals are only available when a Fort is claimed.
  • If you take a General too far away from the Fort, you will revert to your original form.  Dying is the only other way to drop the General.

High Elf Generals

General Telissys, Archmage

General Lanfenthi, Swordmaster

General Aeloyll, White Lion

General Noresiteal, Shadow Warrior

Dark Elf Generals

General Laneann, Disciple of Khaine

General Ridirthi, Blackguard

General Enorasaine, Witch Elf

General Norlafyr, Sorceress