Monday, January 30, 2012

Too Many Games

Every once in a while, the stars and planets align in such a way that a perfect storm of game releases occurs.  Could this be what the Mayans predicted would happen in 2012?  In the coming month, there are a bunch of new game titles being released which I am interested in.  I'm not quite sure how I will have time for them all.

Victoria II:  A House Divided.  This is the first expansion pack for Paradox's Victoria II.  Besides a US Civil War scenario, it includes some major economic and political changes which should make the game more enjoyable.  Check out this AAR (After Action Report) for a preview.  This should be released on February 2nd.

Crusader Kings 2.  Another Paradox game, which is shaping up to be very cool.  Taking place from the year 1066, the game focuses Medieval Europe. What makes CK special is that it takes into account all of the family connections and religious influences of the time.  There is a long Let's Play series on youtube.  This game is set to release on February 14th.

StarDrive.  The alpha test for the upcoming 4x game, StarDrive is improving constantly.  Just last night I got in my first fight, and it was a lot of fun.  I posted a video last week showing off the scale of the game and how firing your flagships weapons works.

Star Trek Online.  This week also marks the 2nd anniversary of Star Trek Online (Feb 2nd to the 6th).  As a part of the celebration, players can obtain a new vessel, the Odyssey class. It will only be available for a limited time, so i'm going to have to go get it.  Then later in the month, a new Featured Episode series starts!  These are the best part of STO, so I'm pretty excited.

Warhammer Online.  WAR's 1.4.5 patch should be going live very soon, and it is looking good.  A ton of work has went into the Fortress revamp and I can't wait to see how it plays out on the live servers.

Star Wars: the Old Republic.  I've started up my first alt, Tirew the Jedi Knight.  He's still only level 12, but a lot of fun to play.  I'm taking my sweet time in the game, as it's all for the story with me.

Mass Effect 3.  Technically, this is in March (6th I think), but close enough.  Can't wait to fight some Reavers!

I didn't even get to mention the backlog of console games and Wrath of Heroes which I want to play.  It's really pretty crazy, the amount of choices we have these days.  Oh, and I need to finish Skyrim.