Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gametime! with Werit: Fallen Earth

Gametime! with Werit is an experiment. It can best be described as a short, one man podcast over gameplay video. I won't necessarily talk about what is going on in the video. Not sure how interesting it will end up being, so let me know.

This week on Gametime! with Werit I talk about Fallen Earth in general and show some random gameplay footage.

Direct Link.

So what do you think, does this format have potential? It could have been longer, but youtube has that 10 minute limit. It really is strange talking to yourself :)


Nice job, Werit. It's your videos that have helped keep me at least slightly interested in FE.

Is the framerate that choppy or was that a side effect of the recording process?

I got into the FE beta about a year ago, and never noticed it being that bad. Stopped playing about a month after WAR was released.

The format is pretty cool. 10m is perfect for a solo video podcast. I wouldn't mind seeing some different scenes though. The same wasteland and rats area throughout got tiring. Of course, this is FE we're talking about I guess =D

@Tim: Thanks

@Grim: Side effect of fraps + sound recorder. Different scenes is actually tough, as I limited what I did. Don't want to ruin to much of the game before It releases.

My next one is planned to be over part of a WAR scenario. That should be a bit more interesting.

my framerate was choppy too but it might jsut be youtube.. or my bandwidth at work here.

Nice job on the video. I like the direction that Fallen Earth has taken, but I am still not sure about spending $15 a month on it yet.

You should absolutely continue doing these videos. Great going Werit - and you do sound very much like BRK!!

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