Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello Everquest 2

In a post last week, I said farewell to Eve Online. As I mentioned, that left me with an open MMO spot (in addition to WAR). I decided to give Everquest 2 a try.

Why EQ2? For one, I had never really played it. It has always looked interesting, but I have to be in the mood for PvE.

Another reason is that it is a very mature game, but doesn't look it. It has been out for years and has several expansions. Yet the graphics still look good. There are plenty of old/mature games out there but they also feel old. Turns out, I need my MMO to look somewhat current.

EQ2 offers activities like housing, collections and better than average crafting. I like all three so it gives me more to do than just quest. The amount of PvE content is just crazy though, much more than I thought there would be. They also have an appearance tab, so my character can look how I want it to without worrying about gear.

I also didn't realize how many character customization options there were. With normal leveling choices they added Achievement Points. This is like WoW talent points, but on steroids. It is almost overwhelming.

EQ2 should fill my #2 MMO spot well enough for now. I'm not saying I will stick with it for years or even months. For the time being it is an enjoyable experience. That is partially due to the nice people in the guild I joined.


Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. I'm definitely an EQ2 dabbler. I'll play a lot for a couple months, then quit for a while, then come back... over and over again.

And yeah, some nice people in the guild, even if I'm a snarky old bastard. :)

pasmith is contractually obligated to say "nice people in the guild," since he lives with the guild leader. :p LOL

It always gives me warm fuzzies to see that someone's enjoying the game in general, but I get super-duper warm fuzzies to hear that someone's enjoying the guild. :) It's all about having a good time, and IMO a guild should help facilitate that.

Ok I'm EQ2 stupid. What do you do in EQ2? Do you raid, instances, PvP, or just craft stuff? I never really looked into the game. I played a free trial for 2 days but nothing worth saying I played EQ2. What does a nice guild do in EQ2?

Yeah, mind perhaps writing up a quick review/"trailer" of why EQ2 is fun? Sounds like it might be worth checking out.

Oo, maybe I can bump into you there. Same server, I think.

(If anyone's interested in my first impressions, I wrote them up here -- but I'd also love to see what Werit thought.)

People still play EQ2. Odd indeed.

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