Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Farewell Eve

Yesterday, I canceled my Eve subscription. The last month or so I have only been skill training, so this was a long time coming. I've had an on again off again relationship with Eve for at least 3 years now. It is a game I want to like, but can't.

Eve is not hard. That is a common way people refer to it to make it sound better than WoW. It is a deep game which requires time and patience, but not any harder than WoW. My main issue is that it is not an accessible game.

Before I had a full time job and family, Eve would have probably been a perfect fit for me. Now though, I just don't have the blocks of time needed to get the most out of the game. Being able to have fun in 30 minutes - 1hour of game time is critical to me. In Eve, I could maybe do a mission or mine.... which were not fun activities for me.

In my ideal Eve world I would be involved with 0.0 sovereignty. That seems to be where Eve really shines, but it is not for the feint of heart. While I may never participate in that area, it sure if fun to read the stories.

Usually I keep 2 MMO subscriptions active, so losing Eve leaves me with a free spot. I have chosen a replacement... those of you who follow me on Twitter know which one. A post about it will be up soon :)

So when my subscription runs out, my 140 million isk ship will be deep in w-space with no way out. My character in stasis, waiting for the next time the Eve bug bites.


I've been tempted to give Eve another try, but feared exactly what you describe: that I just don't have (very often) large enough chunks of time to enjoy it to its fullest.

This post was very timely for me -- saved me the cost of re-upping. Thanks!

Eve isn't hard, but at this stage of the game it would take alot of resources to be of any effectiveness in the Eve universe.

The idea of EVE, learning curve aside, wasn't as appealing to me. Mostly this was due to the gaining experience for skills while logged off mechanic, which, while convenient, is counterproductive to me. Don't you want people logged into the game? If I can gain skills while logged off, I don't really see the point. Still, considering how long it takes to get skill level ups in EVE, perhaps this was a necessity.

You don't people to log on.. You want them to be subscribed and paying. ;)
Though a friend of mine plays eve more or less for free as he is buying those playtime cards with isk...

@Werit: Fighting for sov seems to be funny, but may become very boring after a short amount of time. Did it for quite a while some years ago but most fun in EVE were roaming gangs (at least for me). But no matter the fact EVE is called a freak game which is way to complicated, it attracts more and more players and it became more and more blobby (space is limited ;)). Then: capital ships are the new battleships. *yawn* So: my 45+ mio skillpoints char is hibernating for some years now. :( Trying from time to time for a month again but wasn't hooked anymore. :((

@Frank: EVE is not just about skillpoints, EVE is also about REAL skill. You can clearly see if a player bought his char at ebay or trained and played him all the time. You don't see the point why logging in when you can train ingame? WTF? Is gaining levels your reason to play? You can't buy shit from some million skillpoints, you can't actually fly a ship with some million skillpoints. All you have are some million skillpoints. The only thing were this would work would be a capital alt.

EVE's loss is our gain in EQ2 :D

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