Thursday, July 16, 2009

Producer's Letter for July

Mythic released a new Producer Letter yesterday. Let's get right into it.

Coming this month (PTS this week) in 1.3.0b.

AOE Normalization. AOE ranges will be adjusted to a standard system. Other AOE balancing is also being done, will be shown in the patch notes.

Immunity Mergers. Roots and Knockbacks are being merged into a single immunity timer. This should leave us with 2 immunity timers.

Immunity Duration. They will last longer now. This will mean less CC but more skills that just don't work when used.

Immunity through Death. Your immunity timers will persist through death.

CC Immunity Ability. At Renown Rank 40, you can get a CC Immunity ability. This is much like what was seen in DAoC I'm told.

Archmages and Shamans. Both classes are getting a revamp, as was seen in the 1.3 patch that never was.

Runes/Marks. Multiple Runepriests and Zealots can place different Runes/Marks on players.

More XP and Renown. When fighting near a Keep or BO you will get 50% more XP and 150% more renown. This is nice, but what about incentives for small group RvR?

Coming Soon in 1.3.1.

Second Ramp. Keeps will be getting a second ramp.

Keep Incentive. They want to base Keep rewards off of upgrades and the amount of players defending.

City Sieges. The city siege changes look to be included in this update too.

Fortresses. No new info, but the next letter should have it.

New Live Event. The Wild Hunt will occur near the one year anniversary (August/September).

Social Networking. There are plans to help players stay connected. This could be an in-game Twitter interface, which is all the rage. It'd be pretty easy to do this in an add-on.

Overall it was a pretty good letter. I'm glad to hear 1.3.0b will be out very soon. Not all is well though. They still are not addressing the end game issues of balance leading to a stalemate. They are also not addressing the need for small group RvR.


Twitter is a fad, so lets hope they don't follow that bandwagon.

You're just a curmudgeon Heartless_ ;)

I think it is a very useful tool for games. It supports the multi-MMO player by keeping them informed of the happenings. Means less downtime which is a good thing for me.

As an additional incentive to be in the RvR lakes I would like to see a periodic Renown tick for every BO or Keep a player takes. General guidlines would be:
- must have participated in a BO/Keep take
- must remain in the RvR lake to receive the periodic tick of renown. Once exception to this are those players who are killed and respwn in the WC. they would have 2 minutes to get back into the RvR lake.
- the tick lasts until the player logs, leaves the RvR lake, or the zone flips.

The amount of the tick would need to be meaningful to make this work.

In game Twitter? Isn't that what the chat is for? To communicate in region, warband, party, guild, or alliance?

I don't twitter so please correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't Twitter basically like a one-sentence blog type thing that tells people what you're doing at that moment similar to Facebook's feature?

@Krosuss: pretty much, but it can be used to tell people who may be playing other games. Say I am questing in WoW and my guild in WAR is about to do something, I'll know. Twitter is also very popular on mobile phones, so you could know if you are just watching tv.

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