Saturday, July 18, 2009

Werit watches Defiance

I watched Defiance this weekend. As I don't go for long reviews, here is what you need to know.

Action - Low/Medium. High would be Commando, the greatest action movie ever.
Revenge - Yes!
Cliches - Low, based on true story
Sad - A little
Come out cursing Nazi's? Yes
Make you appreciate how good you have it? Yes
Worth a rent? If you like history + action.


Instead of having American Hollywood actors speaking with faked accents you could have used people that speak the language. I found Craig to be somewhat lacking in facial expressions... again (but Schreiber was good).

But yea, it was kinda good.

I thought it was a very good film. To compare it to commando which is a Arnie full on action film isn't really a fair comparison.

All that I compared to Commando was the action portion. Needed some sort of scale :)

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