Friday, July 17, 2009

The Day the AoE Died

Ok, that title is a bit dramatic. The Patch Notes for 1.3.0b were released yesterday. There is a lot to digest in there but the big changes are to AoE. No one has been spared and AoE across the board has been reduced in both radius and damage.

As expected, not everyone is happy with the changes. Some are just upset because they wanted change, but not to their class. Others feel that their class was poor to begin with and now they are even worse off (Shadow Warriors and Magus come to mind).

This latter group I do feel bad for. However, Mythic is taking an incremental approach. They are reducing AoE and then will re-evaluate the state of combat. It sucks to have to wait, but this seems like a prudent way to go about it. Once they have more data they can go about improving the classes that need it.

As an Engineer, I am taking a rather large hit with this patch. Here are some numbers:

Strafing: 711 - 656
acid: 952 - 1484
frag: 1290 - 1685
Land mine: 330 - 432
Sticky Bomb: (870 . 305) - (1050 . 369)
Napalm: 338 - 468 (last 10 sec)

I don't feel it is a big deal. It really just means I will need to use more Direct Damage attacks and that is fine with me. With AoE damage reduced, many people will take the direct damage route.

Another big change was made to how Fortresses work. The amount of time you have to take a Fort will be reduced by 15 minutes for every time you've pushed the opposing city into contested over the last 3 days. Hopefully this will help unbalanced realms a bit.

The CC immunity skill is also on PTS and called Resolute Defense. It provided 10 seconds of immunity on a 5 minute cooldown. The downside is that it costs 5 renown points. That is fine with me though, I like choices.

For a letter patch, 1.3.0b will be a big one. As much as it may hurt, it will be a good thing in the long run.


I agree that this patch will be a good thing. As a sorceress, I'm getting hit very hard, but I think it's overdue, at least for me and the BWs. I'm a little nervous, but I keep telling myself I'll have to learn some new tricks. My biggest challenge will no longer be figuring out which wall to stand behind. ;)

I do hate to see the nerfs to the shadow warrior and magus though. Hopefully they'll get some love soon!

My thoughts on this patch can be found on my blog.


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