Friday, July 24, 2009

Werit at WAR 7/24

It's been a quiet week as far as my WAR posts go. I've actually been playing nearly every day, but don't have too much to talk about. That isn't really true, as I have a sheet of paper with a number of topics sitting here. I've just been in the mood to write about things like EU3.

The big news in WAR this week is the 1.30b. I am going to refrain comment as it is still too new. They did bring back the Nordenwatch Live Event with slightly different tasks. This was a nice surprise and I have been having fun it it, especially with my alts.

My Characters:

Tirew (Engineer): 40 / 53 (so close to 54)
Hoplon (Ironbreaker): 30 /23 Sword and Board all the way.
Hurrik (Rune Priest): 13 / 13

I've actually been splitting time between them depending on where the action is. They offer very diverse play-styles so it keeps things fresh for me.

I plan on giving it another week before I weigh in on the new patch. It was funny, a couple hours into the servers going live folks were announcing on the channels that the patch was awful. A good rant would probably bring in the page views, but that isn't my style.

To help your Friday go faster, I recommend stopping by Gaarawarr Gabs to read about his recent visit to Mythic and his interview with Josh D.


You know, after playing a couple nights...I feel ok. I'm probably not going to respec, since I've accepted the fact I'm mostly pressure, not crazy ST DPS. I feel I live a LOT longer, however. 4-digit crits are rare on me, at level 29.

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