Friday, July 31, 2009

War with France

Last time, Portugal had allied with Castille in order to slow down the French expansion into the Iberian Peninsula. With the alliance in place, it was now a waiting game. I moved 6,000 men from Africa back to Portugal proper in anticipation. We also promoted a fine officer to General to lead the new army.

Sad reports came in from the other side of Europe. The Byzantine Empire has finally succumb to the armies of the Ottoman Empire.

Later on we received word that Castille has declared war on France. As required by our alliance, we too declared war. France and her allies did the same. Here is a look at the war:

As you can see, the land forces are pretty close in number. France has a large amount of cavalry and excellent leadership. This will be a tough war for us to win. Our Naval superiority doesn't mean much in this war.

Our first actions in this war were met with defeat. The French leadership really makes a big difference. Since we can't go head-to-head with them, we will go around them. The French armies worked their way into Castille and we occupied the former Castille province of Galicia. At this point we sent a diplomat to talk to France.

France had several large armies operating that we could not hope to defeat. Perhaps since we captured this province, they would be willing to call a truce. On a lark our diplomat demanded Galicia in return for peace. They accepted the offer, probably to get out 12,000 man army off the field.

During this time, the colony of Rio De Oro became a full fledged province. That only leaves the Azores as a colony. They are a drain until they become full provinces, so the sooner the better. We also gained a Land technology level, which gives us Men at Arms troops. They should help us in future wars.


This game would be so close to awesome if they just....redid....the combat....

I swear some days it causes me just to not want to play...

I am a fan of the combat as I prefer strategic over tactical. With the amount of battles, TW type combat would cause the game to take as long as the real war :)

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