Monday, July 20, 2009

One week later

About a week ago the free server transfers were opened for WAR. My Server, Badlands received an influx of people from Skull Throne and Magnus. It wasn't exactly a merge, so not everyone was forced to transfer.

For the first time, in a long time, I logged in to see both sides showing a Medium population. This wasn't even during prime time mind you. Speaking of prime time, I am not too sure when that is exactly for this server now.

There has been RvR on every tier since the transfers. I've been able to get scenarios on my alts which has made playing them much more fun. Remember the days people used to complain about scenarios? They are a much more enjoyable way for me to level. Tier 4 has been very active as well.

There have been some downsides though. It seems both sides are somehow playing at different times. Order at night and Destruction in the morning/afternoon. There are good fights to be found, but most of the time one side has a larger force. This may change as time goes on and things settle down.

The other drawback has been the community. I don't seem to recognize anyone anymore. As with anything social, cliques have developed in the form of closed warbands. These will all go away with time though. Once folks get to know each other the social aspect of the server will pick up.

It has been a fun week in WAR. Hopefully now that they are down to mostly populated, fun servers the population will start to grow.


I am one of the Destro refugees from Magnus. I am coming from a server that was dominated by Destro until the experienced Destro players left out of boredom. My experience so far has been exciting as well however there does not appear to be the same level of leadership skills on Badlands as Destro had on Magnus. My guild, Unrepentant, will hopeful help fill that void as that dust settles. In the meantime I'll be looking for you in the RvR lakes :)

Comparing my BW on Dark Crag, and the newly transferred one from Magnus to Badlands I see huge differences in leadership, and communication. I have been playing exclusively on Badlands the last week, and haven't been that impressed.

No one talks. Everything is private warbands, and nothing is communicated into region chat. I see no city pushes still happening on this server. I still see the RvE type mentality on the server. I saw 2/3 zones go the 2 hour domination with destruction never even trying to take back or prevent the zone from flipping. I get the feeling its like ok lets have order flip it, and than we will flip it back the next two hours.

Where are all the Badlands guilds anyways? I have been running Census, and 9/10 of the top guilds are old Magnus guilds that had poor leadership that lead to Magnus failing in the first place.

I have had a few ninja guild invites, but from noob guilds, and the one I did join after they said they did scenario premades, 6 mans, etc I found out 99% of them weren't even 40 yet, and were trying to get their annihilator gear.

I also see way to many PvE groups trying to be formed from tunnels, crypts, LV, LotD.

I see this server being no better with the merger, and in 2-3 months it will be right back where it was before the mergers. With no city pushes, and RR80's still walking around with DP or invader gear is just sad. No one will stick around for that, and once again stop playing.

Eyeball, what guild were you with on Magnus?

From my experience Destro had very good leadership there until key guilds got bored with always dominating and left the server/game.


Sigmars Chosen, and than So End Our Foes, and than nobody because everyone hates me there for speaking the truth about Corky, and Flamesilver's horrible strategies, and warband leadership.


Were you only limited to moving to certain servers? Was Iron Rock one of them? I'm on the Order side on Iron Rock and it is a good time.

Both sides will make concerted efforts to push to the opposing city. It hasn't happened in quite a while (several weeks) but there are attempts.

With Forts being difficult to capture it does deflate the masses. A combination of summertime and waiting for forts to be fixed there are, many times the push falls short.

There is still some RvE that happens but there's a lot of organized RvR going on. The norm during prime hours are VP flips over domination flips. I know from the Order side, we'll see a zone about to flip by domination and we go there are wreak some havoc. We make them come and try to defend. It's a lot of fun. They do the same thing back.

Iron Rock rocks!

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