Monday, July 13, 2009

New Site Design

I am toying with giving the ol' Blog a new design. Check it out at It needs a nice banner though.

So what do you think? Should I stick with my current design? How does it look for you mobile users?



I like the new design - I find it easier to read. However, I'm not a mobile user. But my vote is for the new design!

Only if you add me to your bloglist. Otherwise it sucks.

Nah, it's better, just keep the banner as sane and civilized as your posts and this'll be fine!

C out

I may not put up a banner at all. I really want to keep it low bandwidth. Besides, anything I do myself will be pretty awful :)

I like the new look, but I never disliked the original. If you like the new one, go with it!

Thanks Keen.

As you can see I have gone to it. I figured I needed to change things up as it's been a year.

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