Monday, July 6, 2009

Werit Gets Around

It's true, I can be rather easy when it comes to games. I just cant help myself, I'm not a one game kinda guy. This last week I played around quite a bit.

Warhammer Online. Yep, I still play!
Aion. Street Fighter called and wants its annoying sound back.
Ghostbusters. I came, I saw, I'm still playing.
Fallout 3. I think the apocalypse will actually come before I manage to finish.
Star Wars Galaxies. I am very close to resubscribing.
Punch-Out for Wii. Glass Joe was getting uppity.
NHL Hockey. Greatest hockey game ever?
Ice Hockey. The soviets beat me down. Needed more fat guys.
Light of Altair. More on this later.
Eve Online. Just to train, my subscription will be ending soon.

My posts last week were pretty varied. That is the nice thing about a general blog, you can switch it up when you feel like it. I had been doing WAR posts almost non-stop for several weeks, so I need a break to talk about other games. Do not fear WAR fans, I have a piece of paper filled with WAR topics!


You need to try DAoC :)

Look me up if you decide to give it a go!

@beibhinn. It's always on my list. However, I don't want to PvE in order to play the good part of the game.

Funny, it´s like my own experience. 3 Weeks no WAR-Online posts. Now... I come back to WAR...

Regards from Germany,


"Star Wars Galaxies. I am very close to resubscribing."

One game that I just think does not offer anything to me anymore. I want my Tabula Rasa back

You are *such* an MMO ho! :-D

Which I, however, am not. *coughcough*

Three words.

Blades. Of. Steel.

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