Monday, July 13, 2009

Saga of the Seven Suns

I like Space Opera's. It may not be a coincidence that I am a huge fan of 4x games (Master of Orion, Space Empires) and a fan of their book equivalent. They primarily revolve around epic stories in the future, involving wars, politics, intrigue... you name it. My favorite series has to be the Commonwealth books by Peter Hamilton. They are huge books and tell quite a tale.

Recently, I read the first book of the Saga of the Seven Suns. It takes place in the 'near' future. Not actually near, but also not so far in the future humans have evolved much. I don't really enjoy the far future books, because I generally cannot connect with the characters. It is much like why I have trouble playing female characters in my video games.

This series looks to have all the hallmarks of a space opera. Some of it takes part at the highest ruling levels, the scope is on the galactic scale and the fate of humanity (and others) is at stake. The technology is out there, but pretty grounded and believable.

This book is a bit slow, as it has the responsibility of setting up all the characters. Once we get through that and the action starts it really gets exciting. One nice things is that all the books have been published. I don't like having to wait for conclusions so I can read through the series at whatever pace I want.


Agreed. The commonwealth books are win.

Andersen starts to drag it out from book 5.

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