Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cold War, 1400's Style

When we last left Portugal, they had won the Second Moroccan war. Back in the Iberian Peninsula, Castille was fighting against France. The battle never did turn around and France managed to occupy much of their northern territory. When peace was finally declared, Castille had to cede several provinces.

Now I have to share a border with France. My relations are actually good with them, but they are still a major threat. The more they grow, the harder they will be to deal with. Eventually they will come after Portugal too.

Castille sent a diplomat with an Alliance offer. usually I tend to avoid diplomatic obligations as they work against my colonization goals. This time I accepted. My reasoning is that France and Castille will go to war again. If Castille looses more territory it will make my life more difficult. Also, now that they have territory on my borders, it will give me a chance to seize it in the coming conflict.

In the African territories I have been dealing with several rebel uprisings. The ferocity of the rebels has been surprising. It turns out my neighbors to the East, Algiers, has been funding Nationalist groups in several provinces. Their goal is to rebel and join Algiers. I also suspect France has been involved as well.

Dealing with Algiers is tricky. They are allied with Tripoli and Tunisia and more importantly, their independence is guaranteed by the Ottoman Empire. That is quite a bees nest and I'm not sure I want to poke it with a stick. I could likely win the war, France could cause some serious issues. Funding rebels may be an option, but it isn't cheap.

On the colonization front, I have settled in Rio De Oro and the Azores. Supporting these colonies has put a drain on my economy, but soon they will be self-sustaining. I also found a new African province called Taodeni.

Here is what the world looks like in 1428.



I try Warhammer-Tabletop in the meanwhile.

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Hmm who is over there in North America? I wonder how hard it would be to launch an expedition over there and poke around? I haven't played Eu since the original version.

In NA are some Native American civilizations. At this time I cannot get over there. I need Explorers and Conquistadors to explore, which I don't get until I reach a higher technology level.

I plan on sending an expedition when I can, if I survive the French war.

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