Monday, July 20, 2009

I feel for Mythic

Mythic announced today that they are finished testing 1.3b on PTS... after 4 days. Admittedly that is a very short amount of time. The overall assumption is that means it will go live soon. That may be true, but it could also mean they took in the feedback and decided to pull it back. I don't know one way or the other.

The worst part is the vitriol on the forums. So many complaints about nerfing without buffing. When they tried that they were lambasted for doing too much in one change. It really is a no win for them and their community team. They have to see how changes play out on live. PTS is not good for balance determinations as the population is so low.

The only thing I expect from them is to fix the NUMEROUS bugs reported during the PTS before pushing it live. The design decisions I can adapt to, the bugs not so much.

UPDATE: Looks like the changes are going live.


Hopefully this is just one of many 1.3's that all fix bugs and tweak damage. I can't imagine after 4 days they got enough information from PTS to fix it all...

IF they did, what does that tell us about the past 10 months? Why would they hold back so long?

A true enigma building here...

Thanks for the link in your post, appreciate that.

Can't say I feel the same about the patch. =\

Are these not the changes they pulled from the Land of the Dead patch? If so they have been live before on PTS.

I agree with Grimnir, for them to make such a big change is like saying to their customers "oops, we screwed up, please come back to Warhammer"

I personaly like the changes, the players that don't like the changes have admitted to me that they were relying to much on the EZ mode AOE aspects of the game rather than close-combat and use of their multiple class skills.

Just my thought :)

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