Monday, July 27, 2009

Premades, as it should be?

A premade is a term most often attributed to an organized PvP group. Friday night I had an opportunity to participate in one with my guild. We are a casual sort, so this is not a very common occurrence. As someone who is in pug groups most of the time, I know how frustrating it can be to get stomped on by a premade.

I had a great time with the group. There were 6 of us: Engineer (me!), Bright Wizard, Warrior Priest, Archmage , Ironbreaker and a Knight of the Burning Sun. This is just what we had on, so we were not running any sort of cookie cutter group.

For coordination we used vent and targeting assist (all in game stuff). We fared pretty well considering how little premade experience we had. All it takes is a little coordination to reap large benefits. We played mostly against pug groups, but there were several other premades going against us.

Some of the fights we had were amazing. In Nordenwatch, we had one skirmish that lasted 10 minutes, all constant fighting. It really helps when you know you can count on healing and a rez. Having that kind of confidence in your team makes it a more enjoyable experience.

In an organized group, you also tend to use all your skills in a more useful manner. You know what your team is doing, where they are and where they are going. When things mesh it really unleashes what WAR has to offer.

There is often talk about how numbers are all that matters in WAR. There is some truth, an organized 6 man will have a tough time versus a full warband... as it should be. Taking out a larger unorganized force is certainly doable. It isn't guaranteed though. Just because you are running a premade doesn't mean the folks in the larger group are not good players too.


Were you guys playing scenarios or RvR? Especially in scenarios premade groups are a pain in the ass for the "casual gamers".

If I join scenarios (which I do quite often, because RvR is dead most of the time) I test the other guys on my side for awhile. Do they heal? Do they help? If not: leaving group and fighting for my own. Why sharing points if nobody cares about you. :)

It's usually easy to tell when you're up against a premade.

My guild will put together groups moreso just to run scenarios together not to necessarily function like a true premade.

Funny story about getting owned by a premade party of 6. We went to LOTD to purge Destro and came upon a party of 6 Destruction players are the Quay PQ. We had a warband and swooped in for the kill.

Us getting killed.

They were a classic bomb squad and they bombed us. We were a mixture of guildies and some pugs and they wiped us. It was kind of embarrassing but funny at the same time. Once we were rezzed we went back and took a different tact to the fight and eventually won.

My hat off to them ... they could play.

A true 6 man premade that works together like a WoW arena team is hard to beat. The thing that blows my mind is most of the time Warbands are just thrown together instead of trying to get organized. A warband of 4 six man premades would be deadly, but no one does it.

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