Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Server Merges Cometh

Yesterday, Mythic announced a new round of Free Server Transfers. This time around they are consolidating five servers into three others. The source servers are some of the more underpopulated ones while the destination servers are in the middle ground somewhere.

I had thought they would do forced faction transfers, but it appears the server populations were balanced enough to avoid that. With the announcement there is a new wave of excitement on the boards as people scope out their new homes.

My server, Badlands, will be getting a bunch of new players from Skull throne and Magnus. I really hope this will help the lower tiers. Tier 4 was always fun, so I'm not too concerned with the impact there.

If Mythic is successful with this merge, not much should change and the stalemate will continue. It's a sad state of affairs when success == stalemate but that is the state of the end game right now. Still these transfers were a long time coming and desperately needed. More people to fight is a good thing.


It merely forestalls the decline. Those servers became low population because of a reason. So they beef up a few serves...the populations will continue to decline until they solve the few critical issues:
Class balance
Realm balance
End game experience


Stalemates are much better than one side dominating the other, or even each side being able to trounce the other back and forth. I've seen all 3 in WAR, and stalemates are by far the funnest.

Gotta agree with Keen, it just sucks that there wasn't more strategy built into the game in order to overcome such stalemates.

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