Friday, July 3, 2009

Werit Visits Aion

I was able to play Aion a bit yesterday. I can't say too much about the game though as I am still in the starter area. It is pretty much what you would expect in a MMO starter area. Combat is pretty smooth, gameplay is what you've seen before (so far).

I tried to make my character look like a Dwarf. Might have better luck on the good side of things though.

Below is some video I took. It includes combat, scenery, the personal store, skills and more. I suggest watching it on Full Screen so you can read the text.

Direct Link.


That is what all the hype is about? I see there is still no AH, and you have to set up your own personal store to sell stuff like any other lame foreign MMO. So instead of playing you will sit around for hours hoping to sell something, or have to be logged into the game for hours when you are sleeping to sell stuff.

No thanks.

I will stick with WAR.

There is an AH in Aion. The personal shop is great if you want to go AFK around an area that isn't close to AH access.

If an AH is make or break for your subscription, I'm surprised you're playing WAR, which arguably has one of the worst auction houses + mail system of all the AAA MMOs. :P

It is not necessarily the AH, but not being able to play your char while being a store is lame. Nothing in the video really impressed me though that would make me quit war. I get irritated sometimes with WAR, but nothing beats the 24/7 PvP.

This was just the starting area. The real fun will come in August with the Abyss test. But so far it is a derivative PvE game. If you don't like that and the Abyss doesn't work out, then it likely isn't a game for you (or me).

After first area the dynamics change quite a bit. Your wings only work in certain areas outside of the abyss but the normal things you expect from a mmo become avalible. Like the AH in the hubs, gear abilities, etc...

One of the things is people will use the shop to stay logged in to retain DP which gives you your own face ability.

This thing with the wings makes some quests really hard to do, as you must move not only X and Y, but Z dimension also to find your target.

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