Friday, July 24, 2009

The Second Moroccan War

A few days ago I covered the First Moroccan War in an AAR for Europa Universalis III (EU3). Portugal managed to sieze a couple valuable territories. I had the option to try and convert the people but decided against it. Conversion results in better tax revenue and lower revolt risk. However, it can take years to do and during that time the revolt risk is increased greatly.

Several years passed and our truce expired. Declaring war while having a truce will lead to a lot of other people disliking you. Morocco became embroiled in a conflict with their neighbors to the East, Algiers. This war was disastrous for them as they lost most of their standing army.

As a good neighbor, I felt obligated to protect their now defenseless citizens. Most of my Army was still in Africa, so war was declared. Facing little opposition, my forces occupied what was left of Morocco. Having no choice, they accepted a peace treaty and ceded a number of their provinces to me. The game mechanics prevent full annexation until they are down to 1 province.

With Morocco reduced to two inland provinces, I set my eyes on colonization. Portuege sailors recently discovered the island of Maderia. In the game, you accrue Colonists over time based on several factors. They set off to settle the island. We later discovered that sugar is grown here, this should be valuable as the colony grows.

When we took over the Moroccan province of Atlas, we discovered Tuat. This land was occupied by hostile natives. The Portuguese army was sent in to secure the area and colonists soon followed.

South of the newly gained province of Ifini is the unclaimed area known as Rio De Oro. We plan on moving into this area soon, but our finances do not allow for it at this time. Building colonies takes some gold.

Here is what Portugal looks like in 1420:

In related news, France and my neighbors, Castille, are at war. This could have consequences for me as time goes on. France tends to be aggressive, so I would rather not share a border with them. So far, the war is not going well for Castille, as France has occupied several provinces.


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