Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Small Group content for WAR

It would seem that people like small group content much more than Mythic anticipated. It explains the apparent interest in games like Aion, which don't provide too much in the way of an over-arching campaign. So what can WAR do to appeal to these players?

I actually think it would be pretty simple to implement. If you give players the basics, they can make quite a bit out of it. Here is my poorly thought out version. First the simple way.

In contested zones, add several NPC spawns sites. They should be out of the way of normal traffic to prevent aggro frustration. These spawns could be anything really, Skaven, ogre's, both or something else. I envision 5-10 Rank 40 non-elite mobs at these little camps with a decent respawn timer to encourage movement.

The important part is what they give the player. Experience points would provide some constant leveling in the RvR zone for bolstered players. ordinance and Skulls of the Fallen would also drop from them, along with the normal npc loot table. To make them worthwhile to players, I envision a new set of items.

The items would be exchanged for: Money, Influence for the zone, Renown and tokens. These would be Tradeable. The drop rates would be appropriate for npc's which are supposed to be farmed. In addition, Quests can be made to provide other rewards. The npc's should not be worth any renown directly though.

This type of system should get solo/small groups into the zone as there would be something more to do. Once players start using the spawns, the enemy is sure to come looking for them.

If you want to get complicated, the spawns could be tied into the BO's and ownership. When Order takes a BO it unlocks surrounding Destro spawns and vice versa. This would give incentive for the farming players to protect that BO, but it may mean less to do if you have no BO's.

It doesn't seem all that complicated to add (the simple version at least). Would it be enough to keep the small group players interested?


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