Monday, August 10, 2009

City Siege on the right track

Over the weekend, Mythic held a PTS event to test out the revamped city siege. I was able to log on for a bit and test it out. The map consists of 3 capturable objectives which must be guarded or they will drift back to neutral. The controlling side will slowly receive points from them. Points are also generated by player kills.

It is actually really fun, as it is all about fighting the other players. Surprisingly, most of the forum feedback has been pretty good too. A lot of people say it is just like a huge Nordenwatch. Can't go wrong with that.

Stage 2 is Stage 1 + the Heroes from the old system. You can win the stage by killing the Hero OR completing Stage 1 again. This I'm not so sure about. The Hero still goes around hitting people for 30k. During the testing, nearly everyone just tried to ignore him. Sometimes you can't though, as he'll wander to an objective.

On one hand, is the Hero even necessary? I think a lot of people would prefer just to have another PvP focused stage. On the other hand, the Hero provides a goal for those in an unopposed instance. I would be for a PvP focused Stage 2, as long as it was different than Stage 1.

The engineers at Mythic have been quite busy working on performance issues and it shows. The 48 vs 48 city instances ran very smooth. Most of the forum feedback concurs. Hopefully, what they did can scale to larger battles in the open world.

And on a final note, I got a Royal Crest... on the PTS. I tried to smuggle it out (you don't want to know where) but was met by Mythic security. They are not very gentle and have cold hands.


They might have me following the Way of the Chosen once more.

Damned server transfers had me busy all weekend. Usually I love to jump on the PTS, and was looking forward to it. However, Friday afternoon when word came down the pipes about splitting Praag, I knew I had a weekend of merging to do.


Sounds great :) Looking forward to testing it out myself.

Great read :-) Huzzah for finally re-vamping their lousy endgame :D, not that this will suffice in the long run.

Keep us posted on this please. I don't follow WAR news much anymore and you're now one of my primary sources. (Pressure? What pressure?)

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